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Strap on your Pip-Boy and crack open a cold Nuka Cola, it's time for a "Fallout" quiz.

What is the name of the town in "Fallout 3" with an undetonated atomic bomb at its center?

You can choose to save or destroy Megaton.

What are the blue-skinned super mutants known for using Stealth Boys called?

Generally considered the most advanced super mutants, the blue-skinned nightkin have been driven insane by overuse of Stealth Boys.

Who is the creator of the super mutants and primary villain of "Fallout?"

The first "Fallout" game is about finding and defeating the Master, but his super mutants live on.

Ghouls are undead creatures.

Ghouls are alive, although they're strangely long-lived and have horribly damaged skin. Not even feral ghouls are really undead creatures.

The weapon that launches mini nukes is called…

Aim carefully when you launch a Fat Man — you don’t want to get caught in the blast radius.

What are the human-like androids in "Fallout 4" called?

You never know who's human and who's a synth.

What is the name of the card game you can play in "Fallout: New Vegas?"

Collecting Caravan cards is a fun side quest if you can figure out the rules to Caravan.

The political entity that covers most of the west coast of the former United States is called the…

The New California Republic is one of a few major governments vying for control in the Wasteland.

What does FEV stand for?

The Forced Evolutionary Virus is a military experiment that leads to the creation of the super mutants.

What tabletop pen-and-paper role-playing game was "Fallout" originally based on?

GURPS stands for Generic Universal Roleplaying System, but the idea of using it in "Fallout" was discarded due to a legal disagreement between publishers.

What is the secret true purpose of the Vaults?

Each Vault is intended for a different experiment to be conducted on the inhabitants. While they vary widely in nature, all of the experiments are horrifically unethical.

The dog companion in "Fallout 4" is named…

A dog named Dogmeat appears as a companion in most "Fallout" games.

Which Vault is the original Vault Dweller in "Fallout" from?

Vault 13 is the first Vault encountered in the original "Fallout."

What company manufactures many of the robots found in "Fallout," including the Mr. Handy and Protectron models?

RobCo makes Pip-Boys and other devices in addition to robots.

How did Diamond City get its name?

Diamond City is built right on the baseball diamond in Fenway Park.

What does Rad-X do?

Rad-X increases radiation resistance. To get rid of radiation, you want RadAway.

What's the name of the DJ at Galaxy News Radio in the Capital Wasteland in "Fallout 3?"

Three Dog spins records and keep Wastelanders up to date on current events.

The group with a religious hierarchy and an abiding interest in technology is known as the Brotherhood of...

The Brotherhood of Steel can be enemies or allies, depending on which "Fallout" game you're playing and how you choose to play it.

What's the name of the settlement built inside an abandoned aircraft carrier in "Fallout 3?"

You can restock your supplies at Rivet City — there's even a bobblehead to be found!

"Fallout: New Vegas" culminates with a battle. Where is the battle fought?

The Second Battle of Hoover Dam can play out several different ways, depending on which faction the player has sided with.

What might happen if you use too many chems?

A few rare medicines can cure chem addiction, and you can also be cured by doctors, found in many settlements.

What is Grognak?

Grognak the Barbarian comics are collectible items in several "Fallout" games.

What is the name of the town you found at the end of "Fallout?"

You and your friends found Arroyo after you're exiled from Vault 13.

What does GECK stand for?

The Garden of Eden Creation Kit can terraform wasteland into a lush, fertile area.

What is the catch phrase used in most "Fallout" trailers and introductory sequences?

"War never changes" sounds especially poignant when spoken by Ron Perlman.

The secret project to create clean water in "Fallout 3" is called…

The game's primary quest is to restart Project Purity and restore clean water to the Capital Wasteland.

What perk causes a mysterious stranger to sometimes appear and help you in combat?

Sure, it's a little on the nose, but if you want help from a mysterious stranger, take the Mysterious Stranger perk.

Who is the secretive ruler of New Vegas?

Mr. House rules New Vegas from a sealed isolation chamber that keeps him alive.

What acronym spells out a "Fallout" character's base abilities?

SPECIAL stands for strength, perception, endurance…well, you get the idea.

What is the dark secret of the Ultra Luxe Casino?

You'll find a secret group of human cannibals in most "Fallout" games. In "New Vegas," you'll find them in the Ultra Luxe.

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