Quiz: The Ultimate Fallout Shelter Quiz
The Ultimate Fallout Shelter Quiz
By: Staff
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Worst case scenarios are tough for many people to think about, but fallout shelters are exactly that. Despite the end of the Cold War, the threat of nuclear war remains real. How much protection can a fallout shelter actually provide, and how can you build your own? Find out for yourself by taking this quiz.

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Under which president did the U.S. Congress provide $100 million to build fallout shelters for public use?
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As of March 2008, approximately how many nuclear warheads did Russia have for every one that the United States had?
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How large an area would be completely decimated by the explosion of a one-megaton hydrogen bomb?
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About how much pressure would be exerted upon a structure near ground zero in a one-megaton hydrogen bomb explosion?
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Which of these radiation types that could be part of nuclear radiation is the most dangerous?
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What does PF stand for, in relation to fallout shelters?
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According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), what is the minimum PF that a room requires to be designated a fallout shelter?
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How many people must public fallout shelters in the U.S. be able to accommodate?
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How long is it recommended to stay in a fallout shelter following a nuclear attack?
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What supplies does FEMA recommend you stock your fallout shelter with for a two-week stay?
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What is the primary means of protection in a pole-covered trench fallout shelter?
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