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Today's families come in all shapes and sizes: single parent families, divorced parent families, older parent families, younger parent families, extended families and so on. Family dynamics can greatly impact your child's emotional and intellectual well-being. Take this quiz and learn more about different family dynamics.

A nuclear family consists of:

The simplest version of a family is the nuclear family, which consists of husband, wife and children.


What should you do to prevent homesickness when you child is away from the home?

Homesickness is common, even for short periods of time, like a sleep over. Alleviate homesickness by letting your child take comfort items with them. You can also encourage your child to call you whenever they want.


Siblings that are born close together treat each other as:

If you have children close in age, you may find that they are playmates and peers. It may almost seem like having twins.


Parents have _____ expectations for firstborn children compared to later born children.

Typically, parents have higher expectations for firstborn children. As much as parents want to treat their children equally, research shows that parents do treat their children differently depending on birth order.


What are typical qualities of a firstborn child?

Research shows that firstborn children are typically responsible, dependable, loyal and protective. In fact, on occasion, firstborn children take on a mini parent role in the family.


What are typical qualities of a second-born child?

Second born children typically take on very different personalities compared to their firstborn counterparts. Characteristics of a second born child include: rebel, clown, entertainer, artist; and troublemaker or peacemaker.


What is a common concern for only children?

Only children tend to experience more parent pressure. They also may lack peer social interaction and lag behind in developing social skills.


What is an advantage of having a baby when you already have older children?

Adding a new baby to your already older existing family unit has its own benefits. You may see less sibling rivalry and having a new baby in the home can teach your older children about nurturing skills.


How can you foster family cohesion?

Partners that are involved with the birth of their children are more likely to be involved with caring for a newborn. For older children, plan activities together by having regular family meetings.


What factor has significantly changed the role of the extended family in recent years?

Once upon a time, extended family members lived in the same home as the nuclear family. Times have definitely changed, as now it's more common for young couples to start a family far away from their extended families.


Extended families are more removed from the nuclear family in today's world. How does this impact children?

Since today's kids have less contact with their extended family, they rely more on their parents for satisfying their emotional needs.


How can you promote extended family involvement in your family?

Extended family involvement may be difficult if you live far away. Make sure your child understands the importance of the extended family by making your child a “my family” photo album. You can also organize regular family reunions and trips home to further foster the extended family bond.


According to American law, how much unpaid leave does a new mother get after giving birth?

According to the American Family and Medical Leave Act, new mothers get 12 weeks of job-protected, unpaid leave.


What type of benefits due American companies typically provide working parents?

A business typically only provides benefits for working parents if the cost-benefit analysis tips in the business’ favor. Some large American companies offer on-site daycare services and flex-time for its employees.


How can two working parents incorporate quality family time in their busy schedules?

Small children don't recognize the difference between chores and playtime, so kill two birds with one stone and make chores fun. In addition, take relaxing family vacations that focus on quality time with your family.


If you separate from your spouse, you should:

In the event of parent separation you need to be consistent with rules and routine. This is not the time to allow rules and structure to fall to the wayside.


How might your child react to the death of a parent?

Most children can understand the concept of loss but do not understand the abstract concept of the finality of death. Children may go through feelings of grief, denial, anger and guilt.


What may be a drawback of having a child in midlife?

Some older parents may be concerned that they do not have enough energy to raise children. The larger generation gap between a teenager and an older parent may also be troublesome.


What may be an advantage of having a child in midlife?

Older parents may have more wisdom, life experience and inner resources, leading to a better ability to raise children. Older parents may also be more financially stable compared to younger parents.


Children born to mothers under the age of 20 are at risk for:

Unfortunately, children born to mothers in their teens tend to have serious, and sometimes lifelong, issues. These children have a higher incidence of illness, lower intelligence scores, educational problems and emotional problems.


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