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Before going on a vacation with your family, decide what you want and need from a resort. Family-friendly resorts may provide baby sitting, transportation and special programs for children. Take this quiz to learn more about family friendly resorts.

Families with very young children may want to have want kind of pool when they stay at a resort?

A kiddie pool is a safe place for very young children to enjoy the water, with parental supervision of course.


What information should you know, in case of an accident?

In case of an accident, it is important to know where the closest medical facility is.


What are the options for man's best friend when the family goes on vacation?

You can board your dog or you can bring it along on vacation, because dogs are welcome at some resorts; but you may pay an extra fee.


Which Colorado Springs resort allows dogs to come along?

The Broadmoor and the Cheyenne Mountain Resort allow your dog to tag along.


What type of room choice will give you more space than a standard hotel room?

A suite is a fantastic option for families that want to stay together in one space. Sometimes they even include a little kitchen.


What item should you ask about before you check in to avoid a hassle?

Make sure the resort you have chosen can supply you with a crib if you need one.


The availability of what item may mean you can pack less?

Having a washer/dryer available may mean you can pack less clothing.


How much do resorts charge for children?

Some resorts do not charge for children, and others charge a discounted rate.


What service usually costs extra?

Hiring a private baby sitter from the resort is usually an charge extra.


What does an all-inclusive package offer?

An all-inclusive package will include lodging and meals for one price.


What restaurant service style is great for picky eaters?

A buffet will let your picky eaters select what they like.


What is important if you want to get away from the resort for a bit?

If you get restless after a few days by the pool or ocean, you will want to have an interesting attraction nearby.


If you have flown in to reach your resort, what service may you require?

A shuttle bus to and from the airport is an important service.


What resort program may allow mom and dad to have a night out?

Date night or evening programs for kids can give parents the chance for a romantic evening without young chaperones.


What are "dive in movies"?

Movies that are shown poolside.


What class is offered for the guests of the Loews Coronado Bay Resort and Spa in San Diego, California?

The resort offers a baking class taught by their pastry chef.


What is good for a rainy day activity?

In-room videos are a great way to relax together when the weather is poor.


What service may resorts offer so parents can get some time away from the kids?

Many resorts offer childcare services with open drop in times. The childcare staff should be screened and well-trained.


What special nighttime tuck-in service is available at the Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida?

A pirate story read by a costumed staff member is an optional service.


What is the best way to find out about family friendly resorts?

Ask other families who have vacationed at family resorts, and read the online reviews of the resorts you are considering.


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