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Family car trips can be brutally boring, but travel games may turn an endless car trip into a time for family fun. Before your next family trip, brush up on travel game rules and put together a package of necessary materials. Take this quiz to see how much you know about family travel games.

Before starting a car trip, how shall you prepare for the license game?

You may want to print a list of states and check the states off as you play.


How do you play the license game?

As you drive, look for cars with license plates from different states.


Who can play the license game?

Anyone can play, you may play as teams, individually and even as a whole group.


How do you know who wins?

This game is not about who wins or loses, but having fun with your family. You may assign point values for certain states and declare a winner based on point totals.


Where do you get bingo cards?

You may be creative and make your own cards, or you can find and print bingo card templates found on the Internet.


How can you make reusable bingo cards?

You can laminate the cards or simply seal cards in plastic bags. Use a dry erase marker and wipe off the cards when you have finished playing.


What is the prize for winning a game of 20 Questions?

The winner of 20 questions becomes the next answerer.


What is a convenient item to use as a bingo marker?

Pennies are ideal markers for bingo.


What family car games may help children with reading and writing skills?

Alphabet games can help traveling children pass the time and practice their letter skills.


While on family car trips, why is 20 Questions a good game?

No supplies are needed to play 20 Questions.


While playing 20 Questions, what type of questions are asked?

Competitors ask the answerer yes or no questions.


While playing 20 Questions, what happens if by the 20th question no one can supply the answer?

If no one has discovered the answer, by the 20th question, the answerer is declared the winner and may be the answerer for a second round of questions.


Which is an appropriate question for the 20 Question game?

Questions should be phrased to elicit a yes or no answer.


While playing I Spy, what kind of hint is given?

A simple hint such as the color or first letter of the item being spied.


Where is the item being spied?

The item may be in or out of the car.


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