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Because you want everyone to have a good time, planning the perfect family vacation requires much thought and research. So many options are available for educational trips to historic places, fun trips to amusement parks, relaxing beach trips and more. Take this quiz to see how much you know about family vacations.

If teaching your children about American history, what city should you visit?

While visiting Boston, teach your children about America's early history by walking the Freedom Trail.


Where may you ride on one of the tallest and fastest roller coaster?

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio has some of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world.


If you like the blues, where should you travel for a June vacation?

The Chicago Blues Festival takes place in June. For family fun, take the children to the Lincoln Park Zoo.


For the time of your life, take a family rafting trip down the Colorado River while visiting the __________________.

While rafting on the Colorado River, see the Grand Canyon up close. Your kids will remember this vacation for a long time.


Spin the roulette wheel while vacationing in what desert city?

Take the family to Las Vegas, Nevada. There are lots of family activities, but children are not allowed in the casinos.


What is a stress free way to sightsee in New York City?

A New York City Circle Line Bus Tour is a fun and stress free way for your family to see the sights.


For chocolate lovers, what is a great family vacation spot?

Hershey, Pennsylvania is the perfect place for families who love chocolate. Visit the Hershey Story Museum and spend a day at Hersheypark.


For a real hands-on experience, where is the perfect museum?

Take your children to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


For an educational trip, what is a very patriotic place to visit?

While on a family trip to Washington, educate your children about the American government.


A beautiful New England spot for swimming, hiking and sailing is __________________.

Ogunquit, Maine may provide you with quality family time.


For runners, a fun vacation might include a _____________.

The Boston marathon happens in April. Lots of other cities have marathons, so start training early.


If your children are fascinated with space rockets, where is a perfect vacation spot?

The Kennedy Space Center is just east of Orlando, Florida.


When visiting Atlanta, Georgia, where should you go to quench your thirst?

Visit the World of Coca-Cola and learn the history of this American beverage.


If Elvis is your favorite musician, don't miss a visit to ________________.

Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee is a must for fans of Elvis Presley.


Monticello was the home of what American president?

Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia, was home to Thomas Jefferson, third present of the U.S.


For book lovers, visit the real bridges of Madison County in _______________.

Madison County is located in Iowa.


For all the cowboys, come and rope a steer at Houston's ________________.

Make sure to wear your cowboy hat and boots to Houston's Livestock Show and Rodeo.


To soothe your soul in Colorado, Glenwood Hot Springs Pool maintains a nice __________ temperature.

The pool temperature is 90 degrees F year-round.


To scare your kids straight, tour this prison in San Francisco, California.

Alcatraz Island is a real sight to see.


Your children will love playing at this special place in Carlsbad, California.

LEGOLAND will delight your children.


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