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Airports are the weird in-between places where humans wander during their journeys. How much do you know about the world's airports?

Which American airport has the most travelers per year?

The airport code for Atlanta is ATL.


Which airport has a nine-hole golf course?

The course is even approved by the United States Golf Association.


Which airport uses the PEK code?

You can fly to around 120 destinations from this airport.


In which country is the Suvarnabhumi Airport?

By total area, this is the largest airport on Earth.


Which city has the fourth busiest airport in the world?

Chicago O'Hare has eight active runways.


IAH is the airport code for which facility?

This one is located in Houston.


In terms of total passengers, where does Dallas/Fort Worth International rank?

More than 64 million travelers pass through the gates at DFW each year.


Which airport has a receptacle for unused marijuana?

Other airports have also installed boxes that give travelers "amnesty" instead of risking flights with weed.


What is the busiest airport in the world?

Atlanta came in just ahead of Beijing.


How many passengers traveled through Atlanta's airport in 2015?

That number represents a more than 5% increase over 2014.


At peak times, how many flights per hour can the Hong Kong airport handle?

That's more than one plane per minute.


In which country is the airport that was originally named Yesilkoy Airport?

It's now known as Ataturk, the site of a major terrorist attack in June 2016.


Which airport has a coat check facility in the event that you are heading to a warm location?

A related app captures a picture of you and your coat so that it is ready on your return.


How many gates are there at Pittsburgh International Airport?

The airport has about 150 flights per day.


Which country has an airport built on an artificial island?

Kansai International is so large (2.5 by 1.6 miles) that you could see it from space.


How long is the runway at Juancho E Yrausquin Airport?

It is one of the shortest commercial runways in the world.


Which airport has a runway intersecting with a major highway?

Planes alternate with cars; limited land space is the reason for this configuration.


In which country is the Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport?

Nearly 40 million people pass through this airport every year.


In what year was London Heathrow first opened as an airfield?

It was greatly expanded for military purposes but World War II ended before its completion.


Which country is the only one with an airport featuring a beach runway with regularly scheduled traffic?

And yes, the runway is affected by the incoming tides.


Which airport handled the most international traffic in 2015?

Dubai's international traffic is ahead of even London Heathrow.


In what year did the number of passengers at McCarran International (Las Vegas) plummet?

The Great Recession led to two years of major declines at the airport.


How many terminals are there at Charles de Gaulle airport?

A light rail system connects all three.


Where will you find the world's tallest air-traffic control tower?

It is more than 40 stories high.


Why were all flights at London Heathrow suspended for nearly a week in April 2010?

Volcanic ash from Iceland disrupted flights all over Europe.


What's the world's biggest air cargo hub?

The second largest is in the United States, in Memphis.


In which city is the busiest Canadian airport?

About 40 million people fly to and from this location in Mississauga, Ontario.


To how many countries can you fly from the Munich Airport?

Behind Frankfurt, it is the second-busiest airport in Germany.


Which airport has more international destinations than any other?

Pass through Frankfurt and you can fly to any of 113 countries.


What's in the middle of the airstrip at Courchevel International?

The hill has a grade of nearly 19%, making it a tricky landing even for experienced pilots.


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