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Celebrity chefs often bash each other in public. How much do you know about these rivalries? Take this quiz to find out.

Which chef did Giada De Laurentiis say has a "beef with everyone"?

And as you're about to see, she's right.


Anthony Bourdain once compared Emeril Lagasse to what?

He was referring specifically to Lagasse's physical appearance.


Who did Bobby Flay tell to "show up or shut up"?

Flay was offended that Gordon said, "I've forgotten more than he's (Flay) known!"


Paula Deen insulted Anthony Bourdain by saying that he went around eating which part of wildebeests?

More specifically, the "unwashed anuses" of wildebeests.


When did Gordon Ramsay say was the last time he complained about the food at a restaurant?

Oliver never takes Ramsay's comments lying down; he fires back with plenty of insults of his own.


Who did Anthony Bourdain call a "bobblehead"?

He may have also called her a "freakazoid" who is incapable of cooking.


Jamie Oliver said which chef is "deeply jealous" of his success?

Their feud goes all the way back to 2009 and has flared up intermittently.


Why did Jamie Oliver first attack Gordon Ramsay?

Ramsay made some less-than-flattering remarks about a female reporter.


Towards which chef did Alton Brown direct this comment: "I've spent 14 years cooking my own food on television, and I've never seen him cook a meal."

Brown is hardly the only chef who is critical of Bourdain's over-the-top behavior.


Anthony Bourdain ribbed chef Tyler Florence about teaming up with which franchise?

Bourdain called it the "worst career move," and Florence wasn't too happy about it.


What did Marco Pierre White have to say about Gordon Ramsay?

White helped mentor Ramsay, and they had a widely publicized falling out.


Jacques Pepin accused Gordon Ramsay of doing what?

He believes reality cooking drama is a bad environment for creating quality food.


Anthony Bourdain skewered Rachael Ray for using which ingredient?

"How hard is it to chop an onion?"


Which chef did Emeril Lagasse say "doesn't know anything about food"?

He also said that he'd never have her on his show.


Why did Anthony Bourdain call Paula Deen "the worst, most dangerous person to America"?

He backed off and later said she was just the most dangerous person on the Food Network.


What did Deen say in response to Bourdain?

Celebrities of all types have suffered Bourdain's scathing disdain.


Whom did Anthony Bourdain call "the hellspawn of Betty Crocker and Charles Manson"?

Bourdain is relentlessly creative with his insults.


How did Sandra Lee respond to Anthony Bourdain's insults?

She said his demeanor is a ploy for media attention.


How did Mario Batali respond when Gordon Ramsay called him "Fanta Pants"?

No one ever said chefs are mature.


Whom did Martha Stewart slam for trying to break into the celebrity chef business?

"If she were confident in her acting, she wouldn't be trying to be Martha Stewart."


How did Paltrow respond to Martha Stewart's attack?

Paltrow posted a recipe called "Jailbreak Cake," a not-too-subtle reference to Stewart's criminal conviction.


Yak testicles are a testament to whose life going wrong, according to Tyler Florence?

Zimmern called Florence the "least talented TV chef."


Anthony Bourdain reportedly likened Alice Waters to what?

"Pol Pot in a muumuu" are apparently the words he used.


What did Gordon Ramsay call Jamie Oliver?

This feud may go on for decades.


Why was Masaharu Morimoto offended by Bobby Flay?

Flay was celebrating a win on "Iron Chef," and his victory move was considered disrespectful.


What did Anthony Bourdain call Guy Fieri's American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square?

Fieri responded in part by saying, "I really don't like him making fun of people."


Which chef accused Adam Richman (of "Man vs. Food") of "gluttony"?

Richman responded by saying that Brown was no longer his hero.


Who claimed that Rachael Ray was basically just reworking recipes that weren't hers?

Ray basically responded by saying, "She's right."


What did Marcus Wareing have to say about his feud with Gordon Ramsay?

Ramsay could make a second career out of burning bridges.


What did Anthony Bourdain call Gordon Ramsay?

Not every comment that Bourdain makes is completely derogatory.


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