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Humans stash (or lose) their loot in all sorts of weird ways, leaving other people to speculate on those riches. How much do you know about these famous treasures?

In which country is the legendary city of Paititi, which is supposedly home to an entire civilization's gold?

No one knows if the lost city is real, but if it is, a lucky adventurer could wind up with unimaginable riches.


How old was the Uluburun shipwreck, which was found in 1982?

It contained a variety of treasures , and it is one of the oldest wrecks ever found.


How many individual items were found in the Cuerdale Hoard?

The huge haul of silver was found by construction workers in 1840.


How much of the Cuerdale Hoard was given to the workers who unearthed it?

Most of the Viking treasure wound up in a British museum.


What treasure did a Bedouin shepherd find in 1947?

The scrolls, and many other bits of text, were found in caves near Jericho.


How long did it take to find the San Jose, a Spanish galleon loaded with treasures that could be worth billions of dollars?

The ship was sunk by the British; it was hauling treasures meant to fund Spain's war against England.


Where was the Saddle Ridge Hoard found?

The Gold Rush-era stash was found by a couple walking their dog.


How many gold pieces were found in the Saddle Ridge Hoard?

One of the especially rare coins was worth $1 million.


What was farmer Peter Whatling looking for when he found the Hoxne Hoard in 1992?

His friend used a metal detector to find a hammer but instead they found buried treasure.


In today's dollars, about how much would the Hoxne Hoard be worth?

The treasure consisted largely of silverware and gold jewelry from the Roman Empire.


How many ships were in the Spanish Treasure Fleet that sank in 1715 off the coast of Florida?

Treasure still washes up on the shores, and four of the ships have never been found.


What is the approximate value of the treasures found in the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in India, even though there is still one unexplored vault?

The temple's riches were likely accumulated over thousands of years.


Why has India's famed Vault B remained sealed even though it is thought to contain ancient treasure?

The door is painted with a cobra, and many people suspect that opening the vault would bring about horrible luck.


What happened to the Spanish Treasure Fleet after it set sail for Spain?

They left for Spain during hurricane season … and paid a steep price.


In 1857, the S.S. Central America was loaded with gold. How did it sink?

It had so much gold on board that its loss contributed to the financial crisis called the Panic of 1857.


What was the weight of the biggest gold ingot found in the shipwreck of the S.S. Central America?

The wreck, which was found in 1988, had perhaps $150 million in gold onboard.


Why did the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet leave Florida for Spain when captains knew hurricane season was brewing?

They had to gamble between pirates or the weather, and they lost.


On the coast of which country was the famous Diamond Shipwreck found?

It was found by accident after being buried on a beach for more than five centuries.


The Diamond Shipwreck was loaded with 22 tons of ingots made of what material?

The treasure was found in 2008 by mining geologists working for De Beers, the well-known diamond company.


How long did treasure hunter Mel Fisher search for the Nuestra Senora de Atocha before locating the wrecked ship?

When he finally found it, the ship's load was worth more than $400 million.


How big is the largest diamond in the lost Patiala Necklace, which disappeared in 1948?

The diamond is one of the largest ever found.


The SS Gairsoppa was loaded with silver when it was sunk by the navy of which country?

A Nazi submarine blasted the ship with a torpedo; it was found in 2011 after a two-month search.


Why did mobster Arthur Flegenheimer bury much of his ill-gotten fortune in the Catskill mountains?

He didn't want to lose his fortune while he was behind bars; the money has never been found.


The Whydah Gally was captured by which famous pirate?

It sank shortly afterwards; its treasures buried under a beach for more than 260 years before being discovered.


In 1216, how were King John's Crown Jewels lost?

A powerful tide snatched the cart transporting the jewels, and they were never seen again.


How did the 200-year-old Amber Room (made of amber and gold) become lost to history in the 1940s?

Nazis stripped it down and shipped it, and it may have been destroyed by World War II bomb attacks.


In the 2000s, what was the name of a secret project to retrieve treasure from a wrecked 1804 Spanish frigate?

The team found silver and gold that was worth around half a billion dollars.


What happened to the treasures found by the Black Swan Project?

The Spanish government sued the American company and won; the team attempted to appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court and lost.


In the late 1980s, why did an art collector named Forrest Fenn bury treasure in the Rocky Mountains?

But the doctors were wrong and he lived; rather than retrieve the goods he turned it into a game with online clues.


Where is the supposed location of the rumored "Lost Dutchman" gold mine from the 1840s?

The Dutchman who said he knew the mine's location died before anyone could confirm its location; treasure hunters are still looking for it.


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