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We humans create amazing memorials for our dead. How much do you know about these famous cemeteries?

In what year did Woodlawn Cemetery in Bronx, New York, open for business?

Opened in 1863, this Civil War-era cemetery is home to the likes of Miles Davis, Herman Melville, Duke Ellington and other notable people.


Highgate Cemetery in London is somewhat famous for sightings of what?

According to some very imaginative and publicity-minded locals, vampires intermittently stalk the cemetery.


Where is the Old Jewish Cemetery located?

Located in Prague, the cemetery is filled with crazily tilted headstones.


In some areas of the Old Jewish Cemetery, there are how many layers of graves?

Space limitations and religious laws forbidding grave removal meant there was no choice but to simply keep growing the pile of graves, which are 12 deep in places.


In which city would you find Poet's Corner?

In London's Westminster Abbey is a spot called Poet's Corner, where many artistic types are buried.


What sort of characters would you find buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery in South Dakota?

Mount Moriah, in Deadwood, is home to the likes of Calamity Jane and Will Bill Hickok, among other notable Old West figures.


Until the early 1800s, where did Venetians bury their dead?

Lacking space, they simply buried them under paving stones in the city, making the whole place a graveyard of sorts.


Gettysburg National Cemetery does NOT have a section for fallen soldiers from which war?

There is no section for World War II dead; there is, however, a section for World War I and the Spanish-American War.


On average, about how long are bodies allowed to remain on the Isle of the Dead, near Venice?

Due to space restrictions, families lease burial plots for only about 12 years before the bodies are exhumed to make room for more.


About how many popes are buried at St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican?

About 90 popes have found their final resting place here, and some are on public display in glass cases.


What sort of people are buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in California?

Hollywood celebrities are buried here regularly; the subdued appearance of this cemetery belies the great wealth of many of its inhabitants.


Which famous musician is buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in France?

Morrison was the lead singer for The Doors, and his grave is one of the most popular attractions in Paris.


Why are there security patrols near Morrison's grave?

Fans and other people drawn to Morrison's grave take drugs, vandalize and often just cause a ruckus, leading locals to hire security guards.


Where is St. Louis Cemetery No. 1?

The high water table in New Orleans means that these graves are all above ground in ornate tombs.


Why should you think twice about visiting New Orleans cemeteries after dark?

In some areas, criminals make a habit of shaking down tourists who dare enter the elaborate cemeteries at night.


What features will you find at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto, Canada?

The walking paths, fountains and gardens make this place a pleasant park as much as burial ground.


Where is the Tomb of the Unknowns?

Located in Arlington National, the Tomb is dedicated to service members who die without having their bodies identified.


About how many graves are there in Virginia's Arlington National Cemetery?

About 400,000 graves are marked by the iconic white headstones that fill this solemn place.


In 2012, what happened at Green-Wood Cemetery in New York when Hurricane Sandy struck?

Trees big and small were destroyed, and the damaged was reported around half a million dollars.


On average, how many burials per day are there at Arlington National Cemetery?

With 30 burials per day, the site is running out of room and no one is quite sure what to do about it.


Highgate Cemetery in London doubles as what?

It's not officially named a nature preserve, but with its lush and overgrown foliage it makes for a perfect place to quietly observe Mother Nature.


What are the bereaved allowed to do in Oregon's Lone Fir Cemetery?

In true Oregon style, you can plant a tree to honor your deceased loved one.


What's unusual about Merry Cemetery in Romania?

The vibrant tombstones also feature poetry; the place is downright cheerful compared to most cemeteries.


About how many bodies have been buried at Cementerio General de Santiago in Chile?

With perhaps 2 million burials, this is one of the biggest cemeteries in Latin America and in the world.


How big is the Cementerio General de Santiago?

With more than 200 acres of land, it is a sprawling burial ground filled with gigantic mausoleums and eerie memorials.


Waverley Cemetery in Sydney, Australia is often noted for what?

Its raised view of the ocean makes this one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world.


The most famous grave in La Recoleta Cemetery in Argentina belongs to which person?

Peron served as first lady in the middle of the 20th century but remains one of the most famous people ever from Argentina.


When did burials first begin in the Mount of Olives Cemetery in Jerusalem?

Burials started more than 3,000 years ago and the cemetery is still being used for new burials today.


Approximately how many burials are there at Mount of Olives Cemetery?

Considering how long it has been in operation, the 70,000 burials really isn't that many.


Where is the Silwan necropolis located?

The Israel necropolis has suffered great damage over the centuries but many tombs are still intact and have at points been used as homes.


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