Quiz: Famous Graveyards Quiz
Famous Graveyards Quiz
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We humans create amazing memorials for our dead. How much do you know about these famous cemeteries?

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In what year did Woodlawn Cemetery in Bronx, New York, open for business?
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Highgate Cemetery in London is somewhat famous for sightings of what?
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Where is the Old Jewish Cemetery located?
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In some areas of the Old Jewish Cemetery, there are how many layers of graves?
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In which city would you find Poet's Corner?
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What sort of characters would you find buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery in South Dakota?
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Until the early 1800s, where did Venetians bury their dead?
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Gettysburg National Cemetery does NOT have a section for fallen soldiers from which war?
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On average, about how long are bodies allowed to remain on the Isle of the Dead, near Venice?
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About how many popes are buried at St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican?
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What sort of people are buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in California?
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Which famous musician is buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in France?
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Why are there security patrols near Morrison's grave?
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Where is St. Louis Cemetery No. 1?
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Why should you think twice about visiting New Orleans cemeteries after dark?
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What features will you find at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto, Canada?
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About how many graves are there in Virginia's Arlington National Cemetery?
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In 2012, what happened at Green-Wood Cemetery in New York when Hurricane Sandy struck?
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On average, how many burials per day are there at Arlington National Cemetery?
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Highgate Cemetery in London doubles as what?
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What are the bereaved allowed to do in Oregon's Lone Fir Cemetery?
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About how many bodies have been buried at Cementerio General de Santiago in Chile?
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How big is the Cementerio General de Santiago?
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Waverley Cemetery in Sydney, Australia is often noted for what?
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The most famous grave in La Recoleta Cemetery in Argentina belongs to which person?
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When did burials first begin in the Mount of Olives Cemetery in Jerusalem?
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Approximately how many burials are there at Mount of Olives Cemetery?
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Where is the Silwan necropolis located?
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