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Their powerful prose made lasting statements, both personal and political. How much do you know about these famous poets?

"The Negro Speaks of Rivers" was written by which poet?

The Missouri native often composed poems about being black in America.


Which person wrote poetry and also worked for the Chicago Daily News?

He also created a series of children's tales called the "Rootabaga Stories".


Who wrote a book of poems called "Live or Die"?

Her poems touched on many troubling themes, and she committed suicide at age 45.


How old was Emily Dickinson when she died?

She lived in isolation and is now regarded as one of the best poets in history.


Other than poetry, what passion did Emily Dickinson pursue?

She spent much of her time caring for a variety of plants.


In what year was William Shakespeare born?

He died hundreds of years ago but remains one of the most influential writers in human history.


Which poem was the first written by Robert Frost?

Many of his poems touch on the struggles and joys of rural life.


Shel Silverstein was a poet who may have been best known for which genre?

He also wrote famous pop songs and made a name for himself as a screenwriter.


Why was e.e. cummings forced to self-publish many of his poems?

His signature (intentional) fractured style was off-putting to many publishing companies.


Who wrote "Sense and Sensibility" in addition to many poems?

She's better known for her novels but she composed plenty of poetry, too.


Which poet was one of the leaders of the Romantic Movement?

He is best known for a poem called "The Prelude."


How old was Elizabeth Barrett Browning when she began writing poetry?

Even as a child she showed tremendous promise, and she became a literary star in Europe.


About how many poems did Emily Dickinson write during her life?

But many of them were altered for publication because they didn't fit contemporary styles.


Which poet created a collection of poems called "The Songs of Innocence"?

His imaginative style emphasized creativity over logic.


Why did Alfred, Lord Tennyson struggle to record much of his work?

Tennyson was so nearsighted he could hardly write down his poems; he worked on them in his head.


In which war did e.e. cummings serve?

He survived and created thousands of poems, dying of a brain hemorrhage in 1962.


This poet also wrote a novel, titled "The Bell Jar".

It was Plath's only novel, and the last major work of her life.


What profession did John Keats abandon to pursue poetry?

He was even trained in surgery but decided that the arts were more important to him.


"Love Songs" earned which poet the Pulitzer Prize?

She died at the age of 48 from an intentional sleeping pill overdose.


Why did Samuel L. Clemens say that he didn't like poetry, even though he created poems himself?

He wrote more than 100 poems but was better known for his novels, written as Mark Twain.


Who wrote "Goblin Market"?

She also wrote lyrics for a Christmas carol called "In the Bleak Midwinter".


How many children did John Donne have with his wife?

He was also a lawyer but the family constantly struggled with lack of money.


How many terms did Billy Collins serve as the poet laureate of the United States?

Collins has spent much of his life trying to make poetry a mainstream art form.


Who is the first Hispanic poet laureate in the U.S.?

Blanco is also the first openly gay poet laureate.


Why was John Keats unable to wed his 18-year-old lover, who inspired much of his work?

His work brought him almost no money, and he died at a young age.


Where was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow born?

He was also an influential educator and taught at Harvard.


Poet Walt Whitman was also renowned for what?

He had no real money himself but he was happy to give to others.


Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote "Charge of the Light Brigade" after reading an account of a battle in which war?

The poem helped to cement his status as an influential English poet.


Which poet described Persephone as a "girl with the gorgon touch"?

In the poem, the girl is something like Medusa, who turns men into stone by looking at them.


Which poet was known for being one of the first American writers to embrace the short story?

He was only 40 when he died, but he left behind a legacy worthy of Hollywood.


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