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Sure, you've never thrown a brick through a window or knocked over a car, but you just might be an expert on riots. That's because world history is full of these notable events, in which people turn their rage and angst about the world into violence. Find out how much you know about the details of some of the most famous riots of the past with this quiz.

Cincinnati exploded in riots in 2001 after a teenager was shot and killed as he ran away from police officers. What was the teenager's name?

The death of Timothy Thomas due to excessive police force caused four days of rioting in Cincinnati.


Seattle played host to infamous riots in 1999 when the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference drew large demonstrations. What is the common colloquial name for these riots?

The Battle in Seattle caused millions of dollars of damage to the city.


In 1863, Congress instituted a draft so that the Union would have enough soldiers to keep fighting the Civil War. Riots broke out because some men were able to get out of service by paying a commutation fee, which angered poorer men. How much was the fee?

Men could pay $300 to dodge the draft and avoid fighting in the Civil War. In today's dollars, that fee would amount to $5,000.


Which event precipitated the 1965 riots in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles?

Watts residents were already wary of the police presence in their neighborhood, but on Aug. 11, 1965, their bitterness turned violent after a crowd watched police pull over a black man for his driving.


We all know that Rodney King's beating and the acquittal of the officers involved spurred the 1992 riots in Los Angeles. But do you know who shot the footage of the attack?

In the early hours of March 3, 1991, George Holliday heard police sirens and went to his bedroom window to investigate, armed with his new video camera. The footage was seen around the world, and it may have been playing in rioters' heads when they took to the streets.


In the 1960s, police raids on gay bars were common, but on June 28, 1969, the clientele at one such establishment refused to cooperate, causing a landmark event for the gay community. What was the name of that bar?

In the aftermath of the Stonewall riots, many gay pride and gay rights groups formed in honor of the bravery of those who had stood their ground at the Stonewall Inn.


Days of rioting took place in dozens of cities, including Washington, D.C., Chicago and Baltimore after the death of which prominent person?

Martin Luther King Jr. preached non-violence, but his assassination spurred days of race riots.


Sporting events yield many riots. Which sport resulted in the Nika riots, leaving tens of thousands dead?

Don't mess with a rabid chariot racing fan! In 532 A.D., a chariot racing audience in Constantinople became angry that the Emperor didn't commute the life sentences of two chariot drivers. Days of violence ensued.


Prisons are also a common site for riots. Which prison found itself under attack because inmates were tired of being allowed just one shower per week and one roll of toilet paper per month?

The inmates of New York's Attica Correctional Facility rioted in 1971, demanding better living conditions. After four days of attempted negotiations, police finally retook the prison with the use of tear gas.


What was the name of the conflict that erupted between white sailors and Mexican American youths in California in 1943?

Latino youths wore trademark zoot suits, which made them easy for aggrieved parties to find and assault in this race riot.


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