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"Seinfeld" served as a launch pad for plenty of future stars during its nine-year run. See how many of these guests stars you remember with our quiz!

Who auditioned for the role of George in "The Pilot"?

When Jerry and George's show finally gets picked up on "Seinfeld," a pre-"Entourage" Jeremy Piven played Michael Barth, who auditioned to play the George character.


What did Lauren Graham use to manipulate Jerry when she guest starred on the show?

When Jerry dates Valerie — played by Lauren Graham — he finds his rank on her speed dial constantly changing.


True or false: Comedian Patton Oswalt made his first TV appearance on "Seinfeld."

Oswalt's first TV appearance was in the episode "The Couch," where he played a video store clerk.


What is the name of the character Jane Leeves played?

Jane Leeves played Marla in "The Virgin." She briefly dated Jerry but left him for John F. Kennedy Jr.


What role did Brad Garrett play in the episode "The Bottle Deposit"?

Comedian Brad Garrett guest starred as Tony, a seriously dedicated mechanic, on "The Bottle Deposit."


Who played Beth in "The Yada Yada"?

Debra Messing of "Will & Grace" fame played Beth, whom Jerry dumped after discovering that she was a racist.


What role did Jon Favreau play on "Seinfeld"?

Before "Swingers," Favreau played Eric the clown in the episode "The Fire."


What episode featured Christine Taylor, who also played Marcia in "The Brady Bunch Movie"?

Taylor played Ellen in "The Van Buren Boys." She later married Ben Stiller, whose father Jerry played the role of Frank Costanza.


Who pretended to be Jerry's wife to score a dry cleaning discount?

Courteney Cox played Meryl, who pretends to be married to Jerry to score a discount on dry cleaning.


Who did Elaine fall into in the sauna?

Elaine has an accidental encounter with Teri Hatcher in the shower, leading her to proclaim, "They're real, and they're spectacular."


Whom did Jerry refer to as "Pimple Popper M.D."?

When Marcia Cross played a dermatologist on the show, Jerry rudely referred to her as "Pimple Popper M.D."


Before she was Stifler's mom, Jennifer Coolidge dated this "Seinfeld" star on the show.

In the episode "The Masseuse," Jennifer Coolidge stars as Jodi, a masseuse who dates George.


Whose tooth brush falls in the toilet in "The Pothole"?

Jerry refuses to kiss his girlfriend, Jenna — played by Kristin Davis — after her toothbrush falls in the toilet.


Which "Seinfeld" character dated Emily, played by Sarah Silverman?

Kramer dated Emily but refused to sleep with her because she had the "Jimmy legs."


Whom did Rob Schneider's character share an office with on "Seinfeld"?

Schneider played Bob, Elaine's partially deaf co-worker, in the episode "The Friars Club."


Who played the attractive daughter of the head of programming at NBC?

George and Jerry found their TV show in jeopardy after George is caught sneaking a peek at Molly Dalrymple, played by Denise Richards.


Why does Jerry struggle in his relationship with Lanette, played by Amanda Peet?

Amanda Peet's character leaves Jerry scratching his head trying to figure out the relationship between her and her male roommate.


Who refuses to apologize to George during his Alcoholics Anonymous treatment?

When completing his 12 steps, Jason "Stanky" Hanky, played by James Spader, refuses to apologize to George.


True or false: Amy, played by Anna Gunn, cheats on Jerry.

In the episode "The Glasses," George mistakenly thinks that Amy cheats on Jerry. Turns out, he just couldn't see well without his glasses.


What is Tim Whatley's job on the show?

Before "Breaking Bad," Bryan Cranston played dentist Tim Whatley in several "Seinfeld" episodes.


What is the name of Megan Mullally's character on "Seinfeld"?

Mullally played Betsy in the season four episode "The Implant."


Where did French Stewart's character work when he guest starred on the show?

Stewart played a movie theater manager in the episode "The Opposite."


Who created an entire performance based on the idea that Jerry Seinfeld is the devil?

When she guest starred as comedian Sally Weaver, Griffin had big success with her "Jerry Seinfeld is the devil" routine.


Which actress played Patty in "The Serenity Now" episode?

"Full House" star Lori Loughlin played the role of Patty, who dated Jerry.


Which episode guest starred A.J. Langer?

Before she was on "My So-Called Life," Langer played Abby in the episode "The Fatigues."


What is odd about Molly Shannon's "Seinfeld" character, Sam?

Shannon played Sam, a co-worker of Elaine's who gets really angry when told that she should swing her arms when she walks.


Who ends the relationship first, Jerry or Jeannie?

Jerry and Jeannie, played by Janeane Garofalo, are so similar when they date that both end the relationship at the same moment.


What does Jerry do for Alex, played by Melinda Clarke?

Jerry shaves his chest for Alex, and he keeps shaving it after learning that she loves hairless dogs.


Which politician has health problems after eating nonfat yogurt?

New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani played himself on the show. He suffers some health issues after eating supposedly nonfat yogurt.


Which model-actress attacks Kramer in "The Summer of George"?

Playing herself, Raquel Welch goes after Kramer after he suggests that she consider moving her arms when she walks.


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