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How much do you know about ghoulish myths from around the world? Take this quiz to find out!

Where would you find a ghost called the Suscon Screamer?

In Pennsylvania, a jilted bride supposedly hung herself from a bridge on Suscon Road. Lucky (or rather, unlucky) people who visit the area may hear her tortured cries.


What happens to women who encounter the spirit of the Avenging Greek Solider, who was murdered after the end of World War II?

The spirit reportedly gets the women pregnant as part of his plan for revenge — any sons that are born will grow up and avenge their murdered father.


In Salt Lake City, the gravestone of Lilly E. Gray says she was a victim of what?

She died in 1958, a victim of the Beast 666, but no one really knows what that's supposed to mean. Perhaps she was murdered by the devil himself.


How did the story of the White Death begin?

According to the story, a tortured girls kills herself, and the people who discover her body wind up dead, too.


What happened to the good Samaritan who helped change a flat tire on Donald Trump's limousine?

Trump supposedly rewarded the nice man by paying off his mortgage. This one, it goes without saying, is entirely untrue.


Where would you find Bobby Mackey's haunted music club?

Down in Kentucky, you'll find Mackey's famous "haunted" country music club. There are all sorts of gruesome stories attributed to this location, which may very well be a "gateway to hell," depending on your tastes in music.


What happened to Pier Zanfretta in 1978?

Zanfretta was supposedly abducted by aliens, and his detailed stories convinced many people that the experience really happened. He said he was abducted again the following year.


In one famous legend, a couple returns to their home to find their dog choking on what?

The couple finds the dog chewing on a finger. They call the police, who rush to the home and find a burglar still on the premises. This is an old legend with many variations.


After picking up a hitchhiker on a deserted stretch of road, what happens?

The driver arrives at his destination … but the hitchhiker has disappeared. He learns later that a young woman died on that same stretch of highway years earlier.


During a romantic evening in the car in a dark forest, a young couple hears about what on the radio?

They drive off quickly after hearing about the killer with the hook hand. When they arrive at home, they find a hook dangling from the door handle.


In one famous urban legend, what does a college woman find written in blood on the wall of her dorm room after waking up one morning?

The woman returned home late and didn't turn on the light for fear of waking her roommate. Turns out, her roommate's killer was still in the room, and he left the gruesome message "aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" on the wall.


In which country did the story of the Slit-Mouthed Woman originate?

This gruesome story features a Japanese woman who is slit from ear to ear by her husband after he realizes she's been unfaithful.


What does the Slit-Mouthed Woman supposedly say as she roams Earth, looking for peace?

Her damaged vanity looms in her eerie words "am I pretty?"


During a 1963 speech in Germany, President John F. Kennedy supposedly bumbled his German and called himself what?

He accidentally twisted one word and called himself a "jelly doughnut," but the mistake was subtle and incorrectly reported, leading to a sugary urban legend.


Where is Crybaby Bridge?

The bridge name has been used for multiple bridges in the U.S. Supposedly, if you listen, you can hear the cry of children who were murdered near the bridges.


Where would you find the ghost of Stow Lake?

Stow Lake is near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The legend is that a mother overcome by the loss of her child still roams the area, looking for her little one.


In what year was the ghost of Stow Lake first reported?

In 1908, police supposedly pulled over a speeding driver. The man was terrified after having spotted a spirit that was barefoot and blocking his way.


Where would you find Char Man?

Char Man is supposedly a guy who died in forest fire in California. If you stop along the wrong highway, he'll try to tear off your skin.


What happened to the boy who playfully put his head into a noose as a bit of Halloween fun?

One of the rare urban myths based on truth, on more than one occasion, people have pretended to be hanging just for fun … only to accidentally hang themselves for real.


There is an urban legend that the children's TV show star named Mr. Rogers was formerly involved in what career?

A legend says that Mr. Rogers was once a Navy SEAL and served in Vietnam, where he recorded multiple kills. This one is completely false.


An Arkansas boy named Gerald Floyd Bettis supposedly did what?

Nicknamed "Dog Boy" because he captured animals and tortured them, he also supposedly beat his parents. The house is reportedly haunted.


True or false: The daddy longlegs spider is one of the world's most venomous spiders, but its fangs are too small to inject venom into a human body.

This one is just a myth. There are two arachnids many people call "daddy longlegs": the harvestman and the pholcid house spider. Harvestmen have no venom, and pholcid spiders have venom of typical strength.


How do you summon the spirit of Mary Worth?

Say the words "Bloody Mary" three times into a mirror and you'll summon Mary Worth, a woman who was supposedly executed for witchcraft.


While she's watching children, a babysitter becomes unnerved by what object?

She calls the parents to ask if it's OK for her to cover the clown "statue," which turns out to be a little person dressed as a clown. The children had complained to the parents repeatedly about a clown watching them sleep.


What does a creepy man tell the babysitter to do when he calls the home where she's keeping watch?

He repeatedly tells the babysitter to check on the kids in their beds. She calls the police, who trace the call to inside the home. When she finally checks on the kids, they have been murdered.


One urban legend says that you'll find what animals living in the sewers of New York City?

Supposedly, there is a thriving population of alligators living in the sewers, former pets that were abandoned by their owners when the reptiles became too large.


What happens if you leave a human tooth in a bottle of Coca-Cola overnight?

This long-standing urban legend says that Coke will dissolve a tooth. It may have been an exaggerated claim to scare people about sugar being responsible for cavities.


What did the motel owners find after investigating complaints of a foul smell coming from a specific room?

This urban legend is actually grounded in truth. On numerous occasions, killers have stuffed dead bodies in the base of a bed in order to (temporarily) hide the evidence.


A businessman wakes up in a hotel bathtub filled with ice, only to make which shocking discovery?

The legend says he was drugged, and one of his kidneys was stolen for sale on the black market. The ice in the tub was meant to keep him alive until he could call for help.


Who created the Well to Hell?

The myth says that Russians created a well in Siberia that went so deep it punctured the ceiling of hell, and a winged demon emerged. We can assure you that this didn't really happen.


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