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Wet and wild theme parks are getting bigger and better all the time. How much do you know about these famous water parks?

What is the largest water park in the United States?

It encompasses 70 acres and has been around for more than three decades.


How long is the Black Anaconda slide at Noah's Ark Waterpark?

Maximum speed on this slide is around 30 mph.


How many water parks are there in Wisconsin Dells, a town of 2,600 people?

That's why it's called the water park capital of the world.


In what year did the indoors World Waterpark open in Alberta, Canada?

It is now the world's second-largest waterpark and maintains a cozy temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit.


How tall are the tallest waterslides at the World Waterpark?

And the Cyclone's ride begins with a straight vertical drop.


How many acres does the World Waterpark cover?

It is nearly 230,000 square feet.


How many slides are there in Noah's Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin?

Altogether the park requires 2 million gallons of water to operate.


How many water parks does the SeaWorld brand operate?

There are Aquatica water parks in Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego.


What's the maximum daily capacity of the Tropical Islands Resort?

Located in Germany, it is supposedly the biggest water park on Earth.


Tropical Islands Resort was built inside a huge hangar created for what purpose?

If you turned the Eiffel Tower on its side, it would actually fit inside this structure.


Which park has a whopping eight Master Blaster water coasters?

There are only 80 of these in the world, and Wild Wadi has eight of them.


In which city is the world's tallest water slide?

It is 17 stories tall and is named Verruckt, which means "insane" in German.


What happened to the dummy bags used to test the first runs on Verruckt, in Kansas City?

You have to climb 264 steps up the stairs just to ride this one.


What speed do Verruckt riders hit as they zoom down the slide?

So if it terrifies you, don't worry … it will be over in no time.


In which country is Siam Park, one of the best-reviewed parks in the world?

The spectacular park has a Siamese theme throughout.


What's the tallest diving platform at Area 47 in Austria?

The park also has zip lines and a rock climbing wall.


What sort of creatures are in the tank below the Tower of Power slide at Siam Park?

The transparent slide gives you an up close and personal view of the predators.


What's the steepest slope on the Deep Water Dive slide at Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay?

It's so steep that you'll feel like you're dropping straight down.


Why were four of the wave-making walls of World Waterpark's Blue Thunder wave pool turned off?

If you're lucky, you can hit the pool after hours and experience more powerful and longer-lasting waves.


How tall is the Kilimanjaro water slide at Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort in Brazil?

You might zoom all the way to 60 mph on this one.


How many rides are there at the Yas WaterWorld in Abu Dhabi?

There's even a hydro-magnetic-powered water slide that's supposed to cut down on rough jarring.


Where is the largest water park in Latin America?

About a million people per year visit Beach Park in Fortaleza.


What kind of ride is the Wildebeest, which is found at Splashin' Safari?

The water coaster is the second longest in the world.


Which country converted an Olympics facility into a huge water park?

The Beijing National Aquatics Center


How many WhiteWater AquaLoop slides would you find at Caribbean Bay in Seoul?

These slides feature inverted loops to maximize the rollercoaster effect.


At which park would you ride the Dolphin Plunge?

This enclosed slide takes you right through a tank filled with live dolphins.


How many gallons of water fill the Captain Jacks wave pool at Water World Colorado?

Thunder Bay holds twice as much water; both have maximum depths of about 8 feet.


Where is the Waterbom Park?

It is consistently ranked as one of the top five parks in the world and noted for its cleanliness.


At Siam Park, you can experience the largest human-made waves in the world. How tall are the waves?

They are big enough and powerful enough to give most people a real thrill.


How many plants are there inside Tropical Islands?

That makes it the largest indoor rain forest in the world.


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