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Toiling away at your job? Don't feel so bad. Lots of famous writers spent their days taking quizzes online, too. Take this quiz, and join the club.

Before "Carrie" was published, what job did Stephen King have?

He no doubt found lots of inspiration in the halls of the school.


Douglas Adams had a decidedly nonwacky job as a …

He protected a rich family from an Arab nation.


As a teenager, Jack London made money doing what?

That is, one who steals oysters from farms and sells them.


Vladimir Nabokov leveraged his love of butterflies to work as what?

He worked for years in museums after immigrating to the U.S.


Noted recluse J.D. Salinger had what shockingly people-friendly job?

Where he met a bunch of phonies, no doubt.


You might not be surprised to learn that John Green, who wrote "The Fault in Our Stars," was a ...

He probably learned a thing or two about really sad teenagers as a hospital chaplain.


T.S. Eliot enjoyed his job so much he didn't want to leave it, even after publishing "The Waste Land" and finding acclaim. Where did he work?

He later worked in publishing, which was at least apropos.


William Carlos Williams is a famous poet who also held what job?

So much depends …


William Faulkner famously wrote his novel "As I Lay Dying" while working where?

He wrote it on the night shift at a power plant, which probably provided a lot of time for writing.


Octavia Butler found work at a …

She inspected potato chips, which sounds like something from a science fiction work.


Who worked as a surgeon?

John Watson wasn't such a stretch for Doyle.


Fyodor Dostoyevsky was trained in what field?

He wasn't a fan of engineering and much preferred the arts.


Haruki Murakami wrote his first book while running what?

The nightclub was also a coffee bar, which at least probably kept him energized to write.


Bram Stoker had what show biz job?

He worked at the Lyceum Theatre in London.


Agatha Christie might've researched interesting ways to die in her work where?

Don't give her access to poison.


Nicholas Sparks is known for swoony love stories, but he sold what over the phone?

I don’t know about you, but I'm kind of dying to know what dental products one buys over the phone.


Who was an insurance claims examiner?

Anne seems like she'd see right through your fake whiplash.


Kurt Vonnegut is well-known for serving in the Army, but he worked where afterward?

Who wouldn't buy a car from Kurt Vonnegut?


George Orwell had what law enforcement position?

He lived and worked in Myanmar, formerly Burma.


James Joyce made money from what arts-related profession?

He even won awards for his tenor.


John Grisham was an attorney before becoming a best-selling author, but he worked as what before that?

"A Time to Fill The Sink to See if It Drains Too Slowly" doesn't sound as provocative as "A Time to Kill."


Harper Lee was a friendly face who helped customers …

Lee worked in New York for an airline.


William Burroughs was hired to kill …

He was an exterminator by trade.


At the tender age 12, Charles Dickens worked …

Working in a boot polish factory was a hard knock life.


Robert Frost worked with children as a …

He also worked in a light bulb factory.


Before he entered the Army, Joseph Heller was trained as …

He was trained as a blacksmith. After the war, he went to college.


What job did Jack Kerouac NOT have?

Although a Kerouac book about wrangling 3-year-olds sounds interesting.


John Steinbeck worked where at Lake Tahoe?

He finished his first novel during his time at the fish hatchery.


Herman Melville had plenty of time to write "Moby Dick" when working as …

It's a good place to chase your white whale.


Toni Morrison worked on novels while also doing what day job?

She was a trade-book editor, which means she probably knew how to edit her own work, too.


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