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There are few things as annoying as the monotonous drip of water from a faucet, especially in the quiet of the night when you are trying to fall asleep. Let's see what you can do about it. Take this quiz and check what your options are.

What is a faucet?

It is a device that controls the flow of water.


What happens when the faucet is closed?

A watertight seal prevents the water from coming through the pipe.


If you have a leaking faucet, what is the first thing to do?

After turning off the main water supply, check the washer-faucet seat assembly, making sure it is watertight. Maybe you just need to replace the washer or the faucet seat.


Before beginning a repair or replacement of a faucet what precaution should you take?

Turn off the main water supply, otherwise things could get a little wet.


If, after opening the faucet, you see the washer is cracked, what is the best course of action?

A damaged washer must be replaced by an identical one. A similar washer may not fit exactly and so will not stop the leak.


Are there different washers for hot and cold faucets?

There are different washers for hot and cold. Cold washers will expand when heated, thereby reducing the flow of water.


You replaced the washer but the leak continues. What now?

Before throwing away the faucet and installing a new one, have a look at the valve seat. You may be able to repair it or replace just this part.


You now see that the valve seat is worn. What can you do now to solve the problem?

If you want to avoid replacing the whole faucet, you can try to replace the valve seat.


What could have caused the damage to the valve seat?

Chemicals in the water could have eroded the metal, or a faulty washer could have allowed the metal stem to grind against the valve seat and wear it down.


Can a grinding tool be used to repair a valve seat?

An inexpensive valve seat grinder, if used carefully, may be able to repair the valve seat.


When does a faucet leak usually occur?

A faucet can drip when it is "closed" but has a leaky seal.


What is faucet packing made of?

The faucet packing is usually made of rubber O-rings or soft wire wrapped around the stem.


What does the O-ring do?

It prevents water from leaking out around the spout.


Are washers essential to the working of a faucet?

One type of faucet has two metal disks with holes that allow water to flow when they are aligned.


What is the most difficult part of repairing a single-lever faucet?

Because of the numerous types of single-lever faucets, the most difficult part can be tracing the supplier that carries the specific repair kit.


Is there a simple temporary remedy to avoid the annoyance of a dripping faucet?

A length of string attached to the nozzle will guide the drops silently into the sink.


How can you avoid damaging a chrome-plated fixture when using a metal wrench?

Wrapping a few layers of plastic insulation tape around the fixture will prevent damage by the wrench.


In a new home, what is one of the possible causes of noisy faucets?

You may have pipes that are too small to allow adequate water flow.


Can a washer cause a faucet to be noisy?

A wrong sized or insecurely fastened washer can cause noise.


Why would you need a special basin wrench to work under a sink?

You will need a basin wrench if there is very little room under the sink.


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