Quiz: Feed Your Family Well Quiz
Feed Your Family Well Quiz
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Your family is important to you. So is their health. Staying healthy means eating right, and eating right means preparing tasty, flavorful meals that are as easy on the wallet as they are on the waistline. Let's see how much you know about shopping for and preparing healthy meals.

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You can get 35 percent of a day’s recommended vitamin C, 20 percent of vitamin B6, 15 percent of iodine, 10 percent each of niacin, iron and copper, and 6 percent of protein from what?
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True or false: Fruits and vegetables must be fresh to be nutritious.
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You'll generally find the supermarket or generic brands where?
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You can use less expensive cuts of meat when you do what?
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Experts recommend you spend the most time in which section of the supermarket?
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When shopping for whole grain cereals, you should look for which amount of fiber per serving?
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How many servings of fish per week does the American Heart Association recommend?
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True or false: The most nutritious foods in the grocery store are found around the perimeter.
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Dairy is a great source of what?
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One cup of cut-up carrots has how many calories?
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If a product is labeled "light," it must have this many fewer calories than the regular version:
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One medium-sized apple has how many calories?
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Orange juice has how much sugar per glass?
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True or false: All wheat breads are created equal.
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Children run a greater risk of being overweight if they skip what?
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True or false: Granola is the most nutritious choice for cold cereal.
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One cup of unshelled edamame is how many calories?
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One container of 2 percent Greek yogurt with 2 teaspoons of honey is how many calories?
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Nuts and seeds provide what to make you feel fuller longer?
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True or false: You can eat more of foods with low energy density.
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