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Do you know how many fewer calories you have to consume to lose a pound? Test your knowledge about weight loss in our fending off fat quiz.

To lose one pound in one week, you'll need to eat how many fewer calories a day?

To lose one pound, you will have to reduce your daily caloric intake by 500 calories (one pound equals 3,500 calories; 3,500 divided by seven days equals 500).


Building muscle burns body fat.

Increasing muscle per se does not reduce body fat, but muscle tissue uses more calories than fat tissue because it is more metabolically active. You must combine bodybuilding with aerobic activity and a reduced-calorie diet to lose weight.


The best type of aerobic workout to promote weight loss is high intensity and short duration.

A study published in the March 29, 2001, issue of <i>Nature</i> showed that people who spend more time doing moderate exercise, such as walking or cycling, boost their metabolism higher and burn more calories than those who do short bursts of high-intensity exercise.


Of the the activities listed below, which one would burn the most calories if done by a 130-pound woman for 30 minutes?

In fact, martial arts and jogging tie at 300 calories; skiing, 240 calories; weight lifting and swimming also tie at 210 calories; tennis and cycling clock in at 180 calories; walking burns 130 calories. <p> <i>Source: Professor Robert McMurray, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill</i></p>


The calories in a meal are less likely to be stored as fat if you eat them a few hours after you exercise.

Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine found that exercise elevates two enzymes GLUT-4 and lipoprotein lipase, which transport glucose and fat into your muscles. After a 60-minute workout, the calories in sugar and fat were more likely to be diverted to muscles than fat tissues.


Which of these snacks is under 100 calories?

Bon appetit! All of the above. <p><i>Source: Virtual Health Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill</i>.<br /> The <a href="http://www.shs.unc.edu/library/articles/100snacks.html" target="_blank"><b>complete list</b></a> is available at the university's Web site.</p>


When lifting weights, your muscles should feel fatigued for you to derive benefit from the exercise:

Experts agree that after eight to 12 weight-lifting repetitions your muscles should feel fatigued to derive maximum benefit. If they don't, you should increase the weight you are lifting.


To enhance calorie burning after exercise, the best drink to consume is:

Ice water promotes fat burning because it requires your body to use at least 40 calories just to generate the warmth needed to absorb ice water. A sports drink like Gatorade will set you back by 70-90 calories, and fruit juices are also high in calories.


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