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Feeling stuck? Maybe you need a little feng shui in your life. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this ancient art.

Where did Feng Shui originate?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that dates back thousands of years. It first became well-known in the West during the 20th century, but didn't really take off in the U.S. until the '90s.


What does "feng shui" mean?

Feng shui translates as "wind water," both of which are natural, flowing elements that inspire the practice itself.


What is the life force at the heart of feng shui?

Chi, which represents life force of cosmic energy, lies at the heart of feng shui. Feng shui practitioners design their environment to maximize the flow of chi for good luck and prosperity.


Which of these is NOT one of the schools of feng shui?

The two traditional feng shui schools are landform and compass, while black sect is a much newer method.


Which of these is NOT one of the three life pillars in the home?

The three life pillars — elements crucial in feng shui design — are the front door, the master bed and the stove.


What feng shui shape is also known as the ba gua?

The ba gua, or feng shui octagon, helps practitioners divide their homes into nine areas, each of which corresponds to a different aspect of life.


In feng shui, what color is associated with love and marriage?

In feng shui, pink is the color of love, marriage, motherhood and partnerships. Adding pink to the home can give you a boost in these areas.


Which is NOT one of the five basic elements in feng shui?

In feng shui, the five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Together, these five elements make up every person and object in the universe.


Which element should you add to your home to encourage expansion and activity?

Fire is the most active element and encourages expansion. Increase fire (carefully!) with candles, a fireplace or even artificial lighting.


Which element is associated with creativity and communication?

Adding metal in the form of metal sculpture or furniture to your home encourages expansion while improving creativity and communication.


True or false: According to feng shui, it's bad luck to live in a cul-de-sac.

When house shopping, avoid homes on dead end streets or cul-de-sacs, and look for streets with just the right amount of traffic.


What should you do if your house sits below the road?

If your home sits below the road, boost your chi with a light behind the house, or add an antenna or weather vane to your roof to increase its height.


What is a poison arrow?

In feng shui, any sharp object — like your neighbor's roof gable — that points towards your home is a type of poison arrow. Deflect the poison by positioning a mirror to reflect the point away from your home.


Which of these is a good type of tree to plant in your yard?

Apple trees add safety, while the weeping willow saps energy. A mulberry tree is the worst choice of all, thanks to its association with death.


True or false: Your main entrance should be well-protected or hidden out of sight for safety.

The front entrance is critical to good feng shui. Avoid hidden or shaded entrances and keep your entryway bright, easy to find and free of clutter.


True or false: Your front door can never be too large.

The perfect front door should be proportional to your home. A door that's too large is boastful, which can lead to subconscious conflicts with the neighbors.


What's the ideal color for a front door in feng shui?

A red front door brings power, protection and luck — and it's a great all-around energy boost for your home.


What's the ideal location for a master bedroom?

The master bedroom should always be as far from the front door as possible. If the room is visible from the door, place a mirror on the wall facing the bed to reflect the bed in the opposite direction.


Which of these is a feng shui fit for the center of your home?

The center of the home is the focal point of all energy and an ideal spot for a family room or den. The bathroom should never sit in this area, as it will drain energy out of the house.


Where should you position your bed within your bedroom?

For balanced chi, position your bed as far from your bedroom door as you can, and try to give yourself the widest possible view of the entire room from the bed.


True or false: You should be able to see your back door while standing at the stove.

Your back should never be to the door while cooking, so the ideal placement for a stove is in a kitchen island that offers a full view of the back door.


What's the ideal cooking technology in feng shui home design?

For the best source of energy and stronger chi, cook with gas and avoid the microwave whenever possible.


What's the best color scheme for a kid's room?

Blue and green are associated with growth and positive energy, making them a perfect fit for a kid's bedroom.


What is the maximum number of doors you should have in a row in your home?

Having four doors or more in a row in your home is considered a heart-piercing arrow — that's bad chi. Keep the number of doors in a hallway to three in a row or less, or use crystals and wind chimes to boost energy flow if you can't change your layout.


True or false: You should block some of the windows in your home so energy can't escape.

Cluttered or blocked windows can result in depression, frustration and stagnation, so make an effort to keep them as clear as possible.


True or false: A building right outside of one of your windows in bad news.

Block bad energy from nearby buildings or homes by hanging a crystal or wind chime between your home and the offending structure.


True or false: Adding a skylight to your home is terrible for your feng shui.

A skylight is bad news, especially if you add it while you are living in the home. Sure, it lets in light, but it also allows positive chi to escape.


True or false: A spiral staircase lifts energy up and into your home.

Spiral staircases are bad for feng shui, drilling energy into the ground. If you must have one, use plants, crystals and wind chimes to balance energy flow in the surrounding area.


Which of these is NOT a good color for the master bedroom?

Peach, pink, blue and green are excellent master bedroom hues, while white is better-suited to the kitchen.


Which of these is NOT one of the colors of the five elements?

The colors of the five elements — green, red, yellow, white and black — are designed to bring harmony and balance when used together, making this combination an excellent option for boosting feng shui.


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