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Dietary fiber is one of those nutrients that sometimes flies under the radar, maybe because it doesn't have "vitamin" in front of it. But it's as important as any vitamin or mineral in the book, playing roles in healthy digestion, weight maintenance, and even heart health. Fiber is a nutrient worth knowing. Here, test your knowledge of this essential carbohydrate (and see if you're getting enough!).

Most people need about how many grams of fiber per day?

While most people get only about 15 grams per day, we all need considerably more. Women typically need about 20 to 25 grams, and men need about 30 to 35.


Of these nut varieties, which has the most fiber?

Boasting about 4 grams of fiber per 1-ounce per serving, almonds have the most of any nut. Walnuts have about 3.5 grams, and cashews have about 1 gram.


Of these fruits, which has the highest fiber content per serving?

Most fruits are good sources of fiber, but some are great ones. In the fruit world, the pear is a fiber superstar, with 5 grams in one medium-size fruit. A small orange has about 3 grams, and half a pink grapefruit has about 2.


Which of these foods has 15 grams of fiber per serving?

Bananas, black beans and whole-wheat pasta are all high-fiber foods, but black beans have several times the fiber content of either of the other foods. One serving of black beans (1 cup) holds an amazing 15 grams of dietary fiber, compared to about 3 for bananas and about 6 for the pasta.


Which type of legume has more fiber?

Legumes are one of the best (and least-expensive) fiber sources available, and lentils may just have the most of any food in this category. One cup of cooked lentils provides about 16 grams of dietary fiber. (Black beans have 15 grams, and chickpeas have 12.)


When choosing a type of pasta as a fiber source, your best bet is:

Whether you're talking about pasta, bread, crackers or cereal, the ones made with whole grains will have more than those made with white flour. When looking to get your fiber from pasta, the safest choice is the whole-wheat version -- it can have up to twice the amount of fiber as the white pasta. (Or, look for white pasta that has added fiber in it.)


Of these berries, which one gives you the most fiber?

While certainly not the most affordable fiber provider, raspberries are one of the top sources of the nutrient. They have twice the amount of fiber as most other types of berries: a whopping 8 grams per serving.


Which of these breakfast foods is the more substantial fiber source?

Dietary fiber is found in plant products, not animal products. For fiber, you need to look to grains, fruits, vegetable and legumes.


Of these high-fiber legume products, which usually costs the least?

While legumes excel when it comes to getting the most fiber for your money, among these foods you can still cut costs. You'll typically pay less for the dried ones you have to prepare yourself, typically sold in 1-pound bags; if you buy online in bulk, you can pay as little as $1 per pound.


Between organic and conventional, where will you get more fiber?

While some people are passionate about eating organic, and certainly there are differences between the ways in which organic and conventional foods are grown, those differences will seldom extend to the amount or efficacy of nutrients the food provides. So if you're looking to save on the cost of your nutrients, conventional is the way to go.


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