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Space aliens are part of the bedrock of science fiction, and interacting with their unusual senses, ways of speaking and body shapes is the cornerstone of many a sci-fi story. See how much you know about aliens and their weird physiologies.

The Brood from Marvel comics breed by laying eggs in a host, and the host turns into a new Brood when gestation is complete. What happens if the host has inherent superpowers, like mutants such as the X-Men?

When Brood infect mutants, the new Brood gains the host's superpowers, which has been the centerpiece of many a thrilling X-Men tale.


The small, yellow, wormlike creature that translates any language into another language if you insert it into your ear in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is known as the…

The Babel Fish feeds on and excretes brain waves.


Mynocks are parasitic creatures from "Star Wars" that feed on what?

Mynocks ingest electricity, which is why they often feed off the power conduits on space vessels.


The Martian Manhunter of the Justice League is a Green Martian, an alien race that is vulnerable to what?

Green Martians in DC Comics are both psychologically and physically vulnerable to fire.


Luxans in the "Farscape" universe bleed black blood when injured, but this toxic blood will kill them. They must be repeatedly struck or abraded until what happens?

Non-Luxans are often startled when an injured Luxan demands they be continually injured until the blood runs clear.


The Asari from "Mass Effect" are genderless and have what notable reproductive ability?

Asari can mate and reproduce with anyone of any species and any gender.


The Time Lords from Gallifrey in "Doctor Who" have how many hearts?

Time Lords have two hearts, which they can slow or even stop voluntarily.


The Centauri from "Babylon 5" have how many male reproductive organs (and a corresponding number of female reproductive orifices)?

Centauri have six reproductive "tentacles" extending from their sides. The females have orifices on their backs, rendering Centauri sex as a sort of embrace.


The Overlords from Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End" look like what mythological creature? (Spoiler alert if you've never read it.)

The Overlords have hooves, horns and leathery wings, looking in every way like Christian demons.


These ancient humanoid aliens from the Marvel universe are tasked with observing unfolding cosmic events. For some reason they all have large, bald heads and glowing white eyes with no visible iris or pupil.

The Watchers are among the oldest beings in the universe and apparently have no need for hair.


The Horta is a "Star Trek" creature that lives in a mining colony. Its physiology is based on what element?

The Horta is a silicon-based life-form. Its eggs appear to be rocks, and it burrows by secreting a corrosive substance.


The aliens from what film series are known for having a horrifically parasitic gestation, acidic blood and a creepy "inner mouth"?

Only one species of alien is called Alien, and it's the aliens from "Alien."


The alien predators in "Pitch Black" have an unusually intermittent feeding cycle. Why?

The photosensitive aliens only come out to feed during an eclipse.


In the "Warhammer 40,000" universe, all of the Tyranids within a fleet share what?

All Tyranids are connected to a single psychic hive mind.


The Tenctonese from "Alien Nation" have what unusual digestive quirk (in addition to getting drunk on sour milk)?

Tenctonese consumption of raw meat is just one of the things that grosses humans out when they're together.


The Boov from "Home" show emotion in what way?

The Boov are color changers.


What "Star Trek" species is symbiotic, merging the bodies and personality of both the symbiont and the host into a single being?

The Trill were featured prominently on "Deep Space Nine."


How can the Weeping Angels in "Doctor Who" be frozen in place?

Observing a Weeping Angel causes it to "quantum lock" and freeze in place, suggesting they are living embodiments of quantum uncertainty, one of the more fascinating concepts of alien physiology.


In "Star Trek," the Vulcans are periodically overcome by a hormonal lust called "pon farr" that is so intense they might go insane if they don’t have sex (or at least do some serious meditation). How often does this occur?

Pon farr happens <i>roughly</i> every seven years, which means it could occur unexpectedly.


The Shi'ar are aliens from Marvel comics and rulers of a massive galactic empire. Although they're humanoid, they share many characteristics of what kind of Earth animal?

The Shi'ar are partly avian, having feathers and wings.


The sport hunting Predator aliens from "Predator" have glowing blood and a unique sensory ability. What is it?

The Predators' helmets enhance their infrared vision, but it is an innate ability.


This alien predator is completely immobile, reproducing by attaching spores to other aliens to be spread to other planets in the "Star Wars" universe. It lives in a pit that it digs and seems to be partly plant and partly animal.

If you think a Sarlacc in a desert is scary, imagine one on a jungle planet.


This alien species from the "StarCraft" series of games is known for extreme genetic adaptability. It's able to mutate into new strains suited for any given environment or situation very quickly.

The Zerg swarm is the terror of the galaxy.


Starfire, a member of the Teen Titans in DC comics, is a Tamaranean, an alien race that gains sustenance and superpowers from what?

Tamaranean are sustained and powered by solar energy.


How do the hermaphroditic Dracs in the short story and movie "Enemy Mine" reproduce?

Dracs reproduce via parthenogenesis, which means an embryo is fertilized and gestated with no mate ever being present.


Zaphod Beeblebrox in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," is a Betelgeusian, with three arms and two what?

Beeblebrox has two heads, although he often keeps the second one hidden.


Zoidberg, the lobsterlike alien from "Futurama," can survive having multiple what removed from his body?

Zoidberg has four hearts and easily gives one up, along with several other organs.


The Gem race in "Steven Universe" has bodies that are actually what?

A Gem's power and sentience derives from its actual small gemlike "heart." The rest of the body is a sort of holographic projection that still has mass.


Zhaan, a character in "Farscape," is a Delvian. What is the most notable thing about Delvian physiology?

Delvians are plants, and as such, really like their sunlight. Or in Zhaan's case, <i>really</i> like their sunlight.


The "Star Trek" alien Ferengi are aroused when what part of their body is stimulated?

The Ferengi are very ear-centric.


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