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The aliens in sci-fi flicks and shows take on many different appearances, from humanoid to downright uncanny. How much do you know about these fictional extraterrestrial beings? Take this quiz to find out.

What film features the Xenomorph species?

The face-hugging, chest-popping creature onboard the Nostromo in "Alien" is actually a member of the Xenomorph species.


What sci-fi series features the Daleks?

The Daleks have faced off against the Doctors on "Doctor Who" since the very first season of the show, which premiered in the 1960s.


True or false: The Daleks are the remains of the Kaled people.

The mutilated and damaged remains of the Kaled people rest within the robotic exterior of the Daleks.


What series features the Borg?

The Borg — known for their insistence that "resistance is futile" — are a hive-mind people from "Star Trek."


What shape is the spacecraft of the Borg?

The Borg travel the galaxy in a cube-shaped ship, which they can repair and maintain using the collective consciousness of their people.


What alien race is also known as Yautja?

The Predators from the 2010 flick "Predator" are also known as Yautja or Hish.


What are the aliens called in "Alien Nation"?

The aliens in the 1998 movie "Alien Nation" are known as Newcomers and include the alien-in-disguise Sam Francisco.


Which show features the subservient species known as the Ood?

On "Doctor Who" in the year 4126, Donna and the Doctor slowly learn just why the Ood are so eager to serve humanity.


True or false: Leela from "Futurama" is an alien.

As the series progresses, Leela learns that she is actually a sewer mutant, not an alien.


What color are the Na'vi?

The catlike Na'vi people of "Avatar" are a shocking shade of blue.


What alien race lives on the moon of Endor?

The furry Ewoks fight alongside the Rebels in the 1983 film "Return of the Jedi."


What series features the Goa'uld?

The Goa'uld are a parasitic species on "Stargate SG-1" that take over or destroy everyone who crosses their path.


On "Star Trek," what do the Changelings form when they are all together?

The Changelings are the highest form of an order called the Dominion. When they are all together, they form a liquid lake of shared consciousness.


What are the humanoid aliens called on the "Battlestar Galactica" TV series?

The humanoid Cylons were originally supposed to be metallic but were given a humanlike appearance due to the show's tight budget.


What are the Vogons known for on "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"?

The unattractive Vogons are bureaucrats known for their absolutely terrible poems.


What movie features a race known as the Psychlos?

The Psychlos are 9-foot tall, gas-breathing aliens villains on "Battlefield Earth."


In which "Star Trek" series did the Klingons first appear?

The warriorlike Klingons have been around since the beginning, appearing on "Star Trek: The Original Series."


What type of alien is Spock?

Spock is a Vulcan, a race of aliens known for their pointy ears and impeccable logic.


What facial feature distinguishes Bajorans from humans?

On "Deep Space Nine," the Bajorans are virtually identical to humans, distinguished only by a series of wrinkles on the bridge of their noses.


Which "Star Trek" race is obsessed with money?

The Ferengi never place family before business, and they expect money to accompany every single action in life.


True or false: Romulans and Vulcans are descended from the same species.

Romulans and Vulcans, who appeared on the original "Star Trek" TV series, share a similar ancestor.


What race does Chewbacca belong to on "Star Wars"?

Chewbacca, buddy to Hans Solo, is a member of the Wookiee race.


What "Star Wars" movie is the first to feature the Rodian people?

The Rodians were featured in the very first "Star Wars" movie, "A New Hope," way back in 1977.


What planet do the Rodians hail from?

The reptilian Rodians hail from the planet Rodia. Pablo of Pablo's pawnshop is a member of the Rodian species.


What is the name of the sluglike creatures who control Tatooine?

Hutts are known for their unpleasant, sluglike appearance and their gangster connections. Jabba is perhaps the most famous of the Hutt race.


What "Star Wars" race hails from the planet Naboo?

The Gungans, known for their long faces and even longer ears, come from the planet Naboo.


Which of these is a member of the Gungan species?

Jar Jar Binks is an outcast of the Gungan people who live on in the swamps of Naboo and first appear in "The Phantom Menace."


What "Star Wars" movie did the rainbow-skinned Twi'Lek first appear in?

The Twi'lek, who have bright skin in various colors and a pair of shapely tentacles on either side of their head, first appear in "Return of the Jedi."


What "Star Wars" race hails from the planet Iridonian?

The Zabraks, who call Iridonian home, first appear in "The Phantom Menace."


What race does Darth Maul belong to?

Darth Maul, with his horned head and red-and-black face, belongs to the Zabrak race.


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