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Electronic Arts' soccer title is one of the most popular in the world. How much do you know about the 2016 edition? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of "FIFA 16."

On how many platforms was the game released in 2015?

It was released on seven platforms, including two versions of the PlayStation and two versions of the Xbox.

Which player appears in every version of the 2016 edition?

Messi, the top player in the world, was a shoo-in for the cover. He appears on localized versions around the world.

How many people voted to choose which players would appear beside Messi on customized box art for various countries?

Nine million people voted on the regional covers.

Which player petitioned EA Sports to include female players?

Boquete's efforts paid off.

How many different versions of the cover art exist for the 2016 version?

The 13 covers are customized with star players that appeal to the country in which each box is sold.

How many consecutive matches must you win to earn the best possible rewards?

You have to win four matches in a row. You can do this in single-player or online mode.

Who is the first female player from the U.S. to appear on the game's cover?

Alex Morgan is the first to appear on the cover. Two other women appear on the cover in other countries.

What is the entry fee for a draft series?

You can use 15,000 coins, one draft token or 300 FIFA points.

For how many years did the series exist before finally featuring female players?

After 20 years, it was about time.

The Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions have which unique feature?

It’s the spray that referees use to enforce the 10-yard rule on free kicks.

Which platform is the only one to have legends appear in the draft?

The Xbox version includes players like Ryan Giggs and Deco.

Which Mexican player graces the cover of the Mexican version of the game?

Fabian was on the team that won the gold medal at the 2012 Olympics.

What does the new training mode allow gamers to do?

You can advance a player's skills without having to play them.

To correctly depict the movements of female players, how many different women did EA ask to record using motion capture equipment?

Three of the women were Americans and one was Australian.

Why was Adam Johnson removed from the game?

He also lost his endorsement from Adidas because he was convicted of sexual activity with a child.

How many players can you have on your squad?

And you can move those 23 players around at will to (hopefully) improve your chemistry score.

Which Canadian player shares the cover with Messi in Canada?

Sinclair appears on the cover. The North American versions are dominated by female players, a first for the series.

Which variable strongly affects chemistry between players?

A shared national background will improve chemistry and boost your play.

Why were 13 female players eventually removed from the game?

According to NCAA rules, by accepting payment for their likenesses, they would have forfeited their amateur eligibility.

How many real-world venues are there in the game?

The 50 venues are strewn all across the world.

How old was Steph Catley when she appeared on the Australian cover of 'FIFA 16'?

She was 21 and very much at the apex of her game.

What body part made it hard to animate women's characters?

Longer hair is tougher to animate than short hair.

How many women's teams appear in the game?

You can choose the 12 women's teams in the online and offline modes.

Which notable women's team is missing from the game?

Yet the Japanese team was the runner-up at the 2015 World Cup.

Why was the women's team from Japan omitted from the game?

Konami already had rights to the team.

Which company's platform did NOT receive a version of the game?

It was the first time in the game's history that Nintendo was excluded.

At the time of her cover appearance for the game, how many goals had Alex Morgan scored for the national team?

She had scored 52 points. Her prolific scoring has contributed to her popularity.

How many different stadiums are there in the game?

Sticklers for details will love the fact that there 78 stadiums.

Which women's team is NOT available in the game?

The Cuban women's team is not available.

What other advancements did EA make with regard to motion capture in this version?

Players might be skinny or muscular depending on their real-world attributes.

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