Quiz: The 'FIFA 16' Video Game Quiz
The 'FIFA 16' Video Game Quiz
By: Staff
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Electronic Arts' soccer title is one of the most popular in the world. How much do you know about the 2016 edition? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of "FIFA 16."

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On how many platforms was the game released in 2015?
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Which player appears in every version of the 2016 edition?
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How many people voted to choose which players would appear beside Messi on customized box art for various countries?
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Which player petitioned EA Sports to include female players?
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How many different versions of the cover art exist for the 2016 version?
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How many consecutive matches must you win to earn the best possible rewards?
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Who is the first female player from the U.S. to appear on the game's cover?
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What is the entry fee for a draft series?
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For how many years did the series exist before finally featuring female players?
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The Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions have which unique feature?
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Which platform is the only one to have legends appear in the draft?
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Which Mexican player graces the cover of the Mexican version of the game?
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What does the new training mode allow gamers to do?
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To correctly depict the movements of female players, how many different women did EA ask to record using motion capture equipment?
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How many players can you have on your squad?
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Which Canadian player shares the cover with Messi in Canada?
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Which variable strongly affects chemistry between players?
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Why were 13 female players eventually removed from the game?
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How many real-world venues are there in the game?
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How old was Steph Catley when she appeared on the Australian cover of 'FIFA 16'?
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What body part made it hard to animate women's characters?
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How many women's teams appear in the game?
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Which notable women's team is missing from the game?
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Which company's platform did NOT receive a version of the game?
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At the time of her cover appearance for the game, how many goals had Alex Morgan scored for the national team?
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How many different stadiums are there in the game?
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Which women's team is NOT available in the game?
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What other advancements did EA make with regard to motion capture in this version?
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