Take This Quiz And We'll Guess How Long You And Your Boyfriend Will Stay Together!

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Before you take this quiz, let's get one thing out there right now, it is totally normal for a couple to argue, and in fact, if you are in a relationship and you never argue at all, then there is probably something wrong with your relationship. It probably means that either you or your boyfriend are keeping things inside and are afraid to be honest about your feelings, which is never a good thing. On the other hand, if you argue all the time, that isn't a good thing either and is probably a sign of a bigger issue in your relationship. Then there is even how you argue. Having a long involved conversation where you both respect each other's viewpoints even though you disagree is a whole lot better than you two screaming at each other like banshees and throwing dishes around. 

So if you are arguing with your boyfriend, don't despair, it doesn't mean all is lost, but it might mean that you have some things to work on depending how you two are going at each other. There is only one way to find out how long you and your boyfriend will last, and that is to get into a fight with this quiz.  Just try not to hurt it too much.

Your boyfriend forgets your birthday, what do you say to him?

How often do you two argue?

He's 30 minutes late picking you up from an 8-hour shift, what do you say when he finally arrives?

He went through your phone, is this something worth arguing over?

While looking through your phone, he got himself worked up over some innocent texts between you and someone named Casey. How do you explain yourself?

You just left your boyfriend's after a somewhat intense argument, how long do you wait to get in contact?

You're driving and he's giving unwanted instructions/critiques, does this spark an argument?

For Valentine's Day, your boyfriend takes you to a restaurant that requires reservations to be made in advance, but he never made one. At this point, you're feeling "hangry." How do you respond?

On your anniversary, your boyfriend blatantly eyeballs an attractive restaurant employee, and you call him out on it. What does he say?

Your boyfriend has been spending most of his time at work, with buddies, and/or going out for the past two weeks, doing pretty much everything but hanging out with you. What do you do?

Your boyfriend spent a ridiculous amount of money on a new video game instead of buying an item you both needed. How do you respond?

You're having a hard time getting motivated to eat better, and your boyfriend is only making it worse by encouraging you to continue eating junk food. Do you give up on healthy eating?

What do you do when your boyfriend is being cranky or irritable?

Which do you and your boyfriend fight about more...?

How do arguments about finances usually end up?

Do you ever argue about each other's families?

Do you get along with your boyfriend's friends?

Do you y'all ever get into petty fights?

During a routine argument before bed one night, he makes a rude comment about a subject he knows is one of your sore spots. Is he sleeping on the couch?

How often do you get into fights because one of you is feeling jealous?

You're having a good time with your boyfriend, when he unintentionally says something that hurts your feelings. How do you respond?

How long does it take you to cool down after a typical argument?

Do you two usually end up hugging it out?

Who is usually the first one to apologize?

Are you able to admit when you're wrong?

Do you ever go to bed or go home after a date feeling unresolved anger toward each other?

If your boyfriend is in the wrong, what do you expect in terms of apologies?

How do you handle disagreements when ordering delivery or take-out?

Do you ever yell at your boyfriend?

Your boyfriend hasn't answered your calls or texts in a couple days. You leave him a voicemail saying what?

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