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We use idioms all the time in conversation. They're combinations of words or phrases with figurative meanings, like kick the bucket or it's raining cats and dogs. Take this quiz to find out how many idioms you know.

I can't afford these shoes. They cost ____.

"An arm and a leg" means they cost a lot.


The party was supposed to be a surprise but Sally _____ and now everyone knows.

"Let the cat out of the bag" means a person revealed a secret.


I'll be up all night ____ to hit my deadline for this article.

"Burning the midnight oil" means staying up late working.


Jill missed her big dance debut because she was _____.

To feel under the weather is to be sick.


I used to love to watch horror movies but now I watch them _____.

If something happens once in a blue moon, it happens rarely.


I can't wait to see you perform tonight, Jill! ______!

It may seem ironic, but "break a leg" is a wish of good luck.


Lucy was ____ about her upcoming marriage to Jason.

To have second thoughts means to have doubt or hesitation about something.


The camp just emailed and the kids are back from their overnight trip, ____.

"Safe and sound" is one of the more straightforward idioms.


The employees were ____ over the company's plan to cancel their retirement plan.

If they were up in arms, they were pretty upset.


Justin was devastated because Kalen broke up with him totally ____.

When something happens out of the blue, it happens suddenly and unexpectedly.


Nothing is better than dining in a quiet, ____ restaurant in Paris.

Since the restaurant is off the beaten path, not many people know about or go to it.


It's too bad that after the executive chef left, the quality at Chez Perez really ____.

The quality went downhill, so it's not doing so well anymore.


My little brother was a real ____ when we were kids.

He probably wasn't a literal pain in the neck but was just an annoyance.


I ____ voting for some of the candidates in this year's election cycle.

If somebody wouldn't be caught dead doing something, that person would never do it.


All we can do is wait for their answer. ____ now.

The ball is in their court, so it's their turn to make a decision.


Fresh out of college, Marcy decided to take the internship at the magazine to ____.

Getting her foot in the door was the first step she took in getting to her career goals.


Mary's ex-husband really was a basket case.

If he was a basket case, he was unstable or impaired in some way.


Thankfully now Mary realizes her divorce was a ____.

A blessing in disguise may seem negative at first, but is actually a stroke of good fortune.


Marcus is addicted to heroine and living on the streets. His family is afraid of what will happen when he ____.

If Marcus hits rock bottom, he's at the lowest point in his life.


If you expect to get into a decent college, you better ____.

To get your act together means to be more organized and effective.


____! We were just talking about you Taylor!

"Speak of the devil" is another form of the idiom "speak of the devil, and he shall appear."


Tell all your friends to come tomorrow. _____.

"The more the merrier" means the more people or objects involved in something, the better it becomes.


You have to be able to ____ on this business deal, or it could fall through.

To see eye to eye means think similarly or agree with someone.


Don't talk to your father that way! You're way ____ young lady!

Someone who is out of line is behaving inappropriately.


Tony has been training hard and has ____ on making the 2020 Olympics team.

If he has his heart set on it, he is focused and dedicated to making it happen.


Mark and Lyla finally ____ and got married last week in New Hampshire.

They may have been nervous about it, but they committed to it and took the plunge.


Scientists say it's ____ before the big one hits California.

The phrase "only a matter a time" means something is sure to happen, and it's only a question of when it will happen.


The move to San Francisco and the new job was like ____ for Tina.

If something is a breath of fresh air, it's new, different and welcome.


We don't have time to go to the grocery, so we'll have to ____ with what we have in the pantry.

To "make do" means to deal with whatever is available.


This idiom quiz was a ____.

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