Fill In the Blanks and We'll Guess What Kind of Humor You Have

By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Tara Moore/DigitalVision/GettyImages

About This Quiz

Your sense of humor is a unique part or your personality, and it helps make you who you are. Once you fill in the blanks during this quiz, we think we'll be able to figure out the kind of humor you are always doling out to your friends. We also think you'll give us a good laugh or two. 

Whether your sense of humor falls on the dark side or the witty side of the line will be evident after you choose the word you think fills in the blank the best. There's no need to hold back the word you would really use. We're quite used to many different types of humor, and we always appreciate the kind of comedy based in reality. 

Seeing the way you answer will tell us a lot about you, but we only want to know what kind of humor drives your thoughts. While you may have heard that you are dirty minded, your friends might be just prudes, and you are actually the wittiest person on the planet. After you fill in the blanks with your choice of words, we'll take our best guess about the kind of humor you possess. We know you're funny, but what kind of funny are you? Let's find out!

The wheels on the bus go ________.

I think clowns are ______.

_______ rhymes best with song.

I like to have lunch in ______.

My best quality is my ________.

My best friend is a ______.

I wish my boss would _______.

When I wake up, I'm most like a _____.

My favorite snack is _______.

I would love to have a ______.

On Friday nights, I like to _______.

My workspace could be described as ______.

When I am nervous, I ______.

My pets think I am _______.

My diet is most like ______.

I make a ______ first impression.

My favorite coworker is _______.

My favorite feature is my _______.

My favorite cartoon character is ______.

I think it's funny when _______.

If I were a comedian, I would be _______.

The funniest animal is the _______.

My laugh could be described as ______.

The funniest comedian ever is ______.

My friends tell others that I'm ______.

I'm uncomfortable when I ______.

I should be paid for my ______ skills.

When I'm in love, I'm like a ______.

A good nickname for me would be ______.

I ______ follow the rules.

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