Fill In the Blanks and We'll Guess Which Branch of the Military You'll Join

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About This Quiz

Because you're here, we are going to go ahead and assume that you have a bright career in the military ahead of you. In fact, we think you might already know the branch you are going to join. Now's your chance to put us to the test and see if we can guess which one it will be! 

As we get into formation, we are going to ask you to fill in a set of blanks for us. The words you choose to complete the sentences we give you will give us a good idea of your personality, your leadership style, and your goals for military life. We could ask you a series of questions, but we think the words you put together are more telling than a question and answer session could ever be. 

By the time we've finished, we should be able to match you up with the military branch you have the most aptitude for joining. Whether you've chosen the Marines or the Army, our ability to see through your word choices will give away the branch you have chosen to serve in. Will we get it right, or will we need to go back to boot camp? 

I could start a fire with a _______.

When I go camping, I never forget my _______.

When it comes to weapons, I'm ______.

One day, I would like to drive a ______.

I am ______ with computers.

I could be described as a ______ leader.

The smartest branch of the military is the _____.

If I had to eat a ______ to survive, I would.

I decided to join the military because I _____.

The former US president I know the most about is ______.

In a survival situation, my first priority would be ______.

My heart is really ______.

In the event of a pandemic, I would choose a _____ as my weapon.

My sense of _____ is the strongest.

I wouldn't mind being stationed in ______.

My friends would say my most dominant trait is _______.

I would be a _____ battle buddy.

I think I could earn the rank of _____.

If I were lost, I would build a shelter from ______.

My swimming skills are ______.

The military-related movie I would like to watch again is "______."

I know the most about the famous veteran named _____ ______.

I am _____ prepared for an emergency.

My level of patriotism is ______.

My sense of humor is ______.

My boss would tell you than I'm a ______ worker.

If I had to choose an MRE, it would be ______.

When I sit around the fire, I like to ______.

By nature, I seem to be _______.

Many of the people I know are _______ about my choice to join the military.

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