Fill in the Blanks and We'll Guess the Last Time You Got Laid!

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

We're feeling a little nosy around the office today, so we thought we would take our best guess about the last time you got laid. Whether it was last year or this morning, the way you fill in our blanks will give it away. You might have your doubts about our sleuthing abilities, but we're pretty sure we'll get it right. 

We just going to assume that you had a great time the last time you danced the horizontal hula, but we really don't need to know that many details about it. Unless, of course, you are the type that can't help but kiss and tell. In which case, we promise to keep your answers between us. The only way your secret will get out is when you share the results with your friends. 

As we go through this steamy quiz, we will present you with a sentence. Your job is to choose the word you can most see yourself using to fill in the blank. It might seem impossible for us to figure out the last time you got laid. Rest assured, we've been around the block a few times, and we think we'll get it right! Or will we? 

My last ex would say I'm __________ between the sheets.

My dating life is most like a ______________.

____________ always puts me in the mood.

I'm always _________ when I meet new people.

My favorite body part is the ___________.

After getting laid, I like to ___________.

I have had __________ one-night stands.

I think _________ eyes are most attractive.

Other people are attractive when they _________.

My favorite position is ____________.

I think my boss is ___________ in bed.

I think that romance is ___________.

I like to sleep __________.

It's a real turn off when people ___________.

I am a real ___________ in the sack.

I often fantasize about ___________.

Before I go to sleep, I like to ___________.

___________ is the best time of day to get laid.

My last dream was ____________.

Long-term relationships are ____________.

I would never take _________ into the bedroom.

The last person I slept with was _________.

I would most like to get busy with __________.

I once got laid in a ___________.

I think that phone sex is ___________.

If I were a stripper, my name would be _____________.

I am ___________ dirty talk.

My kisses could be described as _____________.

My favorite way to work out is ___________.

I am happiest when ____________.

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