Fill Up an Easter Basket and We'll Guess Your Favorite Candy

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No matter how old you are, we're inviting you to join us on an epic Easter scavenger hunt! And if you think you'll only find candies in this quiz, think again! While sweet treats play a large role in Easter adventures, there are many other creative toys and games that you can fill a basket with. For example, you can hide away bottles of nail polish, makeup palettes, accessories and small toys. As long as you remember to keep your audience in mind when planning out a scavenger hunt, you're sure to have some fun Easter adventures!

But let's talk about one of the most important parts of Easter for a moment: the eggs. If you're going to hide some plastic Easter eggs, it's a good idea to fill them up with some sweet surprises. Or, you may choose to hide some real eggs, which may already be decorated with some beautiful and colorful designs. And speaking of decorating eggs, we've got some fun ideas for you! Try designing some emoji faces or painting your egg as a type of food item, like a hamburger or a taco. But enough talk, because it's time for you to keep the creativity going with this Easter extravaganza! Take this quiz and we'll guess which candy you like most in this world.

Before you go on an Easter adventure, you must choose the color of your basket. Which of these colors will you want?

Will your Easter adventures lead you to the great outdoors, or will you be staying inside the house?

You've found your first colorful egg on your Easter adventure! Where was it hidden?

One of the plastic eggs that you found contains a type of jewelry! What kind of jewelry is it?

Easter isn't all about sweet treats! Which of these savory snacks have you found hidden away?

Fill in the blank: Whoever finds the most eggs on the Easter hunt will receive a ___________.

Will there be any hints or clues on this Easter adventure, or is that just cheating?

If the Easter Bunny were to hide some eggs, what types of patterns would be on them?

When you find a plastic Easter egg, which of the following are you hoping to find in it?

You've found some popcorn in one of the plastic Easter eggs! What flavor is it?

Is it more fun to hide the Easter eggs or to go out hunting for them?

Fill in the blank: No one will think to check the _________ for colorful Easter eggs.

While everyone else is looking for eggs, you notice a stuffed animal behind a tree. What kind is it?

One of the plastic Easter eggs contains tickets! Is it for a concert, a movie or something else?

You notice a small bottle of Easter hand sanitizer on your front porch. What scent is it?

Surprise! You just found a box of chocolate cake mix. What are you going to bake with it?

How many other people will participate in the Easter adventure with you?

One of the colorful Easter eggs that you've found is a real egg! What are you going to do with it?

If the Easter Bunny was real, where would they be hiding during the Easter adventure?

You find a clue that says, "You might be a tower to these sunny flowers, but underneath them lies the prize." What type of flowers are you going to look for?

The ultimate Easter basket prize contains which of these Disney themes?

How would you feel if you found a crossword puzzle on your Easter adventure?

Quick! You've got just five minutes left in the Easter adventure! How many more eggs do you need to find?

The Easter Bunny has secretly made an appearance, but only you can see them! What kind of question would you ask?

Oh, no! You seemed to have lost your Easter basket! Where was the last place you left it?

You've collected quite a bit of Easter candies. Are you going to eat them all in one sitting?

Do you feel highly competitive when it comes to Easter hunts or are you just in it for fun?

Would you ever secretly take someone else's Easter eggs to claim them as your own?

Imagine yourself 20 years from now. Would you still participate in fun Easter adventures?

You notice a secret book that is hidden next to a tree. What type of book do you hope it will be?

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