Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We'll Guess What’s in Your Wardrobe

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About This Quiz

For true lovers of all things beautiful, fashion and makeup go hand in hand. Both come together to help complete full head-to-toe looks. And if you are a true makeup lover, you know that highlighter is just another one of your favorite accessories. However, does your makeup bag match your fashion sense? Based on your favorite makeup items, can we guess what's in your closet? From the ultra minimal to the gender-bending to the alternative to the retro-fabulous, can we place your fashion tastes from your ultimate makeup faves?

Some people are eyeshadow palette hoarders or lipstick queens, and other people are obsessed with foundation. Whatever your makeup obsessions, maybe they will shed some light on what's going on in your closet. If you tell us what are necessities and what are absolute no-gos in your makeup collection, maybe we can guess what secrets are in your wardrobe. Do you have a thousand black shirts? Or are you royalty when it comes to pattern clashing? See if we can guess! 

Does your makeup bag reflect your wardrobe? Put us to the test and see if we can guess the contents of your wardrobe based on your makeup musts with this colorful and fashion-forward quiz! 

What kind of eyeshadow palette would you rather have?

Where would you wear glitter cosmetics?

Do you have the products for an Instagram brow in your bag?

Which kind of lip product do you have most of?

What is your most used base product?

Which brand makes highlighters that you would rather own?

You prefer mascara that's:

What kind of eyeliner do you prefer?

If you are traveling, which product would you be least likely to bring with?

Do you own a lot of blushes?

What color are most of your lip products?

What form do you own the most foundation in?

Do you own any lipliners?

How do you prefer to apply your base products?

Do you own a black lipstick?

Which face product can you live without?

Do you own a contour palette?

How often do you wear concealer?

Which of these is an everyday necessity in your makeup bag?

What finish do most of your base products have?

What tone of blush do you like best?

How many colors of eyeliner do you own?

Which brand do you own more things from?

Do you use any K-beauty products regularly?

Where does most of your makeup come from?

Do you own any stick products?

Do you buy from indie makeup brands?

Are you into "no makeup" makeup?

Which color eyeshadow would you be most likely to wear?

Which cult item do you most want to own?

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