Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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About This Quiz

Are you addicted to lashes and liner or somebody who lives for the model-on-the-go glow? Do you love vintage looks or is your makeup bag always on the cutting edge? Do you have a thousand lipsticks or do you rarely wear lipstick at all? Everyone's makeup preferences and collections look very different. Some people are true collectors, and others just want what they need to get their face on fast.

After it, your makeup has to suit your skin tone, type, texture, your comfort, and your personal tastes when it comes to colors and finishes. While some people think all red lipsticks are the same, true makeup lovers know that it's all in the undertones.

Based on what makeup you love, can we guess your relationships status? Can we guess from your tastes in brands, products, and colors whether you are single or taken? Maybe your love of makeup, and exactly what you love about it, will reveal to us some hidden truths about your love life! Tell us everything, from your favorite mascaras to which finish of foundation is an absolute must for you to which eye shadow palettes you love most, and we will take a crack at guessing your correct relationship status! 

Which lip color do you wear most?

What kind of mascara do you like best?

When it comes to eyeliner, how do you like it?

Which of these brands do you like best?

What size eyeshadow palette do you prefer?

Of these lip products, which could you skip out on?

How many foundations do you own?

Do you need setting spray?

Which kind of foundation do you prefer?

Which of these do you own the most?

Which odd color of eyeshadow would you want to have most in your makeup bag?

Do you have any false lashes in your collection?

Where would you be most likely to wear gloss?

Do you like glitter on the face?

Which unusual lipstick color would you be most likely to wear?

What kind of coverage do you like in a face product?

What kind of highlight do you prefer?

Which kind of blush do you prefer?

Of these brands, which has better packaging?

What kind of brow product do you prefer?

Which finish do you prefer in foundation?

Do you ever use lip palettes?

Which tone of blush do you like best on you?

Which eye product do you lean more toward?

How do you feel about primer?

Of these brands, who makes products that you want the most?

How long does it take you to do your makeup routine?

Which cult product intrigues you most?

Do you like stick makeup products?

What is the best makeup tool in your opinion?

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