Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We'll Tell You What Kind of Beauty You Are

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Whether you wear a full face of makeup every day or use just a bit of tinted moisturizer, you are almost certain to use some kind of makeup. For centuries, women (and men) have been using various types of products to both enhance and cover up certain features.

Many people used various dyes and natural colorants to get the achieved look, but as time passed and technology was developed, there are thousands if not millions of products available. Going shopping for makeup, both online and in-store, can be a very overwhelming process and with so many options in every category, getting the right shade of makeup and correct tools can seem daunting.

The people who have been using makeup for some time now have perfected their routines and use specific products everytime they pick up their makeup applicators. Some of them are on every best-seller list but there are a few that are hidden gems.

Do you know what kind of beauty you are? Well, if you fill up a makeup bag with everything from the primer that you use, to your go-to foundation, to your current favorite lipstick to the setting spray that finishes off the look, then we will you which of the many beauties you are.

Which of these makeup stores do you usually go to get your makeup?

What is your favorite brand of makeup?

How much money does a usual makeup shopping trip cost you?

Which of these celebrity beauty lines do you own multiple products of?

Which of these types of moisturizers do you put on before you start your makeup look?

Which of these primers do you need to get a few of?

\Which of these products do you use on your eyebrows?

Which of these eyeshadow palettes would you experiment with?

Which of these color shadows do you need to add to your collection?

What kind of eyeliner do you use?

Which of these popular ones is already in your collection?

Of these false lashes, which one belongs in your collection?

Which of these mascaras completes your look?

You are in need of some foundations, which of these would you add to your cart?

You see one of these popular concealers, which would you try?

Which of these contour kits have you owned?

Which of these blushes do you think will look good on you?

Which of these highlighters do you need to stock up on?

What kind of bronzer are you thinking about trying out?

Which of these powders do you use to set your makeup?

Do you prefer lipstick or lip gloss?

Which of these lipsticks have you owned multiple of?

Which of these setting sprays finishes off your look?

Which of these expensive items do you not mind spending money on?

You realize that you have an extra $100, what do you spend it on?

The Kardashians are coming out with a new product, will you be buying it?

How many brushes do you need to get?

Which of these types of brushes do you need most?

Which of these other tools do you need to get?

Which of these prints will your new makeup bag have on it?

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