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Warren Beatty made his movie debut in 1961 and more than half a century later, he's still going strong -- both in front of and behind the camera. Take our quiz to see how much you know about Warren Beatty's most famous films!

Who starred opposite Beatty in "Splendor in the Grass?"

Natalie Wood played Deanie, who was heartbroken to lose her boyfriend Bud Stamper, played by Warren Beatty, in the 1961 drama "Splendor in the Grass." The title of the film comes from a poem by William Wordsworth.


What team did Beatty's character play for in "Heaven Can Wait?"

Beatty plays Joe Pendleton, a quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams who is prematurely dragged to heaven before he ends up back on Earth in the 1978 flick.


Beatty plays a senator from this state in "Bulworth."

In the 1998 film "Bulworth," Beatty stars as suicidal California Senator Jay Billington Bulworth, who seems to improve his chances for re-election by living as if he doesn't care what anyone thinks.


What is the name of Beatty's love interest in "Bulworth?"

Beatty's character falls for Nina -- who is played by Halle Berry. Nina is a poor black woman from the projects who is actually an assassin who has been hired to kill Bulworth, but falls for him instead.


What year did "Dick Tracy" hit theaters?

Warren Beatty played the title character in the 1990 flick "Dick Tracy," which was inspired by a 1930s comic strip. In the film, Beatty takes on a bad guy known as Big Boy, as well as his gang of henchmen, with the help of a young man named Kid.


Who plays Breathless Mahoney in "Dick Tracy?"

Pop singer Madonna starred as Breathless Mahoney, a pinup who spent much of the film trying to steal Tracy away from his girlfriend Tess Trueheart.


In which 1975 film does Warren Beatty play a hairdresser?

Beatty stars as Beverly Hills hairdresser George Roundy in the 1975 film "Shampoo." As Roundy, Beatty uses his hair-styling finesse to get in good with the ladies.


What event is "Shampoo" set during?

"Shampoo" takes place during a 24-hour period around the election of President Richard Nixon. The film, which also featured an appearance by Carrie Fisher, offered an interesting look at Nixon because the audience was aware how the presidency would end, but the characters themselves had no idea.


What role does Beatty play in the 1981 film "Reds?"

Beatty not only starred in "Reds" as a radical journalist and later Communist revolutionary but also co-wrote, produced and directed the 1981 movie.


What was Beatty's character investigating in "The Parallax View?"

In the 1974 film "The Parallax View," Beatty plays a reporter named Joe Frady. As he investigates the assassination of a presidential candidate, Frody is drawn into the story as all of the witnesses to the assassination keep ending up dead.


What was the name of Annette Bening's character in "Bugsy?"

Warren Beatty co-starred in the 1991 flick "Bugsy" with future wife Annette Bening, who played Bugsy Siegel's love interest Virginia Hill.


What casino was Beatty's character building in "Bugsy?"

Bugsy Siegel was responsible for the legendary Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. In the film, he puts Virginia Hill in charge of accounting for the casino's construction.


Which of these does Beatty's character start in "McCabe and Mrs. Miller?"

In the 1971 film "McCabe and Mrs. Miller," Beatty plays gambler John McCabe, who starts a brothel with opium addict Constance Miller, played by Julie Christie.


What famous actor stars opposite Warren Beatty in "The Fortune?"

Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson play a pair of con men named Nicky Wilson and Oscar Sullivan who try to swindle a woman out of her money in the 1975 film "The Fortune."


Where is the film "Lilith" set?"

In the 1964 movie "Lilith," Warren Beatty plays a therapist who falls in love with a patient while working in a mental institution.


Where do Mike and Terry meet in the movie "Love Affair?"

Warren Beatty plays Mike Gambril in the 1994 movie "Love Affair." It's love at first sight when he meets Terry McKay -- played by Annette Bening -- on an airplane, even though both are in relationships with others at the time.


Where do Mike and Terry agree to meet after meeting on the plane in "Love Affair?"

After being stranded in Tahiti together, Mike and Terry agree to meet in three months at the Empire State Building. Terry gets in an accident the day of the meeting and doesn't show, then decides not to seek Mike out because she is confined to a wheelchair.


Where does Beatty's character travel in the film "Ishtar?"

Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty co-star in the 1987 movie "Ishtar" as two mediocre songwriters who travel to Morocco to perform a lounge act.


What is Frank's role in the 2016 movie "Rules Don't Apply?"

Frank is a chauffeur who is forbidden from dating an actress named Marla in the movie "Rules Don't Apply," which was co-written, produced, directed and starred Warren Beatty.


What celebrity did Warren Beatty play in "Rules Don't Apply?"

Warren Beatty played the infamous Howard Hughes in "Rule Don't Apply," which also featured his wife Annette Bening as Lucy -- Marla's mother.


What role does Beatty play in "Mickey One?"

In the 1965 film "Mickey One," Warren Beatty stars as a standup comedian who's on the run from the mob.


What 1962 film featured Warren Beatty as a character named Berry-Berry?

Beatty played a violent drifter named Berry-Berry Willart who takes advantage of women in the 1962 flick "All Fall Down."


What role does Beatty play in the 1966 film "Kaleidoscope?"

Warren Beatty stars as Barney Lincoln in the British crime drama "Kaleidoscope." In the 1966 film, Beatty's character plays a gambler who cheats his way throughout Europe using a deck of factory-marked cards.


Which actress plays Mrs. Stone in "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone?"

Vivien Leigh -- who also starred as Scarlett in "Gone with the Wind" -- played an American actress who moves to Italy in the 1961 film "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone."


What was the name of Beatty's character in "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone?"

Warren Beatty plays a gigolo named Paolo di Leo, who dates Mrs. Stone to get closer to her money but ultimately leaves her for another woman in the 1961 film.


What job does Beatty's character have in "Town and Country?"

Warren Beatty plays wealthy architect Porter Stoddard in the 2001 film "Town and Country."


Who played Beatty's wife in "Town and Country?"

In the 2001 film, Beatty character Peter Stoddard is married to a woman named Ellie -- played by Diane Keaton -- but dating a woman named Alex -- played by Nastassja Kinski -- on the side.


Where is "The Only Game in Town" set?

In the 1970 film "The Only Game in Town," Beatty stars as a Las Vegas gambler named Joe Grady who has dreams of moving to New York, but ultimately stays in Nevada when he finds love.


Who starred opposite Warren Beatty in "Bonnie and Clyde?"

Faye Dunaway played Bonnie Parker, with Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow in the 1967 gangster film "Bonnie and Clyde."


Which actress played prostitute Dawn Divine in the 1971 "Dollars?"

Beatty played bank consultant Joe Collins in the 1971 "Dollars," (also known as "$"). In the film, he plots to steal the contents of safe deposit boxes owned by criminals with the help of Dawn Divine, who is played by Goldie Hawn.


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