Find Out If You Are Truly Falling in Love By Answering These "Yes or No" Questions

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Falling in love is one of life's greatest adventures. But, if you're experienced in the world of dating, you know that infatuation can feel a whole lot like real love. So how do you spot the difference?

If you've ever seen ABC's hit television show, "The Bachelor," you know how love and infatuation can be misconstrued. In just the span of a month, the selected Bachelor or Bachelorette dates at least 25 people, with the hopes of finding true love and getting engaged at the end of the show. And while it's quite the dramatic television show (cue Chris Harrison), it's not all that far off when it comes to how we operate in real life. 

When you start dating someone, whether it's on a reality TV show or something a bit less glamorous, it can feel amazing. You see the potential. You see a future. You probably even think this person is perfect (trust us, they're not), and you can't imagine things ever going south because, well, it's love! Or lust? Or infatuation? Maybe it's a combination of the three. It's not always crystal clear whether or not you're truly falling in love, so let us help you out. Take this quiz to find out if you're falling in love by answering these yes or no questions! 

Have you seen "The Notebook" more than three times?

You've been seeing the same person for more than three months, right?

Are you texting any attractive people that aren't your lover?

Tell us ... are you actually attracted to your significant other?

Just be honest. Do you miss being single?

What do you think? Is "The Bachelor" totally staged?

Do you two know each other's love languages?

We won't tell ... When you're out with friends, do you make eyes at other people?

Do you two talk about the future often?

Are you a fan of Ed Sheeran?

Have you posted at least one picture on Instagram together?

Do you think you have stronger feelings for your significant other than they have for you?

You hopeless romantic, you! Have you been in love more than three times?

This is a BIG sign. Have you told a friend or family member that you think you love your significant other?

Have you been breaking out on your face more than normal?

Moms know best. If she a fan of your (potential) love?

Do you stalk their 'Insta' at least once a day?

Five more minutes, please! Have you had a tough time sleeping lately?

If you could use a "hall pass," would you?

Right now, in this very moment, do you miss that person?

Congrats! You just got offered your dream job. Is your significant other the first person you want to call?

Are you still hooking up with other people?

Do you send a "good morning" text to them every morning?

Stop blushing. Have you farted in front of this person yet?

Time for a Starbucks run! Do you know your honey's order?

Do you compare your potential love to your exes?

When you go to the grocery store, do you pick up things you know your significant other would eat?

Have you had your first fight?

Are you embarrassed by how much you talk about this person to your friends?

Do you find yourself going out of your way to listen to love songs?

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