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What's better than a full-size meal? Lots of itty-bitty portions! Do you know everything there is to know about finger foods?

What food is supposed to be eaten with your fingers, but often isn't?

We hate to break it to those of you who've worked so hard to master chopsticks, but sushi is actually supposed to be picked up, dipped in sauce and eaten with your fingers.


True or false: Hors d'oeuvres and canapés qualify as finger foods.

If you want to be fancy, you can refer to your miniature meals as canapés or hors d'oeuvres, but good old-fashioned "finger foods" works just fine.


Where did buffalo wings originate?

The city of Buffalo, N.Y. is birthplace of this world-famous finger food.


Which of these cooking methods is not appropriate to prepare buffalo wings?

Buffalo wings can be fried or grilled, but they're never toasted. Besides ruining your toaster, this method just wouldn't do a good job cooking the meat. Can you say E. coli?


What type of finger food is easily prepared in miniature muffin tins?

Miniature quiches are easily prepared and baked in itty-bitty muffin tins.


If finances are an issue, which of the following is the smartest way to serve guests at a party?

A sit-down dinner for a dozen of your closest friends is going to cost you a mint. Instead, serve a variety of enticing finger foods and drinks.


True or false: Finger foods contain fewer calories than their full-sized counterparts.

They might contain fewer calories by virtue of their tiny size, but it's easy to overindulge and eat more in a single sitting. Keep an eye on your servings!


Which restaurant popularized sliders in the 1920s?

Sliders, tiny hamburgers on tiny buns, are best known as the main dish at White Castle. The food is available all over now, however, and may feature anything from chicken to lobster.


How many ounces of meat are in the average slider?

In general, you can expect about 2 ounces of meat per slider.


True or false: Buffalo wings are made from actual buffalo.

Literal buffalo wings wouldn't make much sense because buffalo don't actually have wings. Chicken is the meat of choice when it comes to this tangy delicacy.


Which dessert is especially easy to make as a finger food?

Tiny cheesecakes are easily made in miniature muffin pans. Toss some chocolate chips in the mix or drizzle with cherry compote for extra flavor!


What toppings can you put on a personal pizza?

The beauty of making your own personal pizza is that you can put whatever you want on it! Feel free to indulge your innermost pizza-related desires the next time you design and dress your own pie.


What fabulous finger food requires only eggs, mustard and mayonnaise in its simplest incarnation?

Deviled eggs need only include these simple ingredients, or you can add more exotic extras like chipotle peppers or even crab to spice them up.


Tiny hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls are commonly known as "pigs in a ______."

Even hot dogs need a blanket to stay warm. And by blanket we mean a delicious roll.


Which of these cuisines have entire restaurants devoted to bite-size foods?

Common throughout Spain, tapas restaurants specialize in small plates of bite-size food. Although not everything on a tapas menu is meant to be eaten with your hands, there are many choices that just beg to be enjoyed with your fingers.


English tea sandwiches often incorporate which of the following ingredients?

A popular choice for bridal showers and other special occasions, English tea sandwiches can hold many ingredients, including cucumbers, smoked salmon, cream cheese, watercress and poached chicken, to name a few.


What type of finger foods can be eaten raw, just as they are?

It's true! You don't necessarily need to do anything fancy to have a delicious finger food. Bite-size fruits and veggies are good for you and can be enjoyed anytime.


What finger food entrée can be delicious but oh-so-frustrating at the same time?

Mini tacos are wonderful, but it can be a challenge to get everything you want into one of those tiny shells. Opt for something less difficult to dress if you become annoyed easily.


True or false: Tarts must include a crust.

Tarts, like their cousin the mini quiche, do not necessarily require crusts to make them delicious!


What dish is possibly the messiest to fall under the "finger food" category?

Most things served with a moist towelette will be a messy but delicious fiasco. Sure, some people use a fork and knife to get the meat off a rib, but who are they kidding? Ribs are meant to be enjoyed with your hands!


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