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Firefighters have quite a tough job to do and have to be prepared, courageous and willing to stop blazes and save anyone involved. It's a lot of pressure and takes a certain type of brave individual to do it. We rely on their professionalism and expertise to help us in our most desperate moments. What would our world be without these incredible heroes?

Firefighters put their lives on the line every day, but there is a lot more to the job than just putting out fires. Do you know what a firefighter has to do at the beginning of every shift? Do you know the positions within a fire station? Can you name the equipment that a firefighter has to use on a daily basis? There's so much to know before getting into the profession! But along the way, firefighters get to make some incredible friends through the colleagues they work so closely with.

Be careful not to sound the fire alarm on this quiz, it's a tough one to beat! So, whether you're an amateur firefighter or a fire chief, you'll have to put your knowledge to the test. Take the quiz to see how much you really know about the firefighting profession!

What do wildland firefighters specialize in?

Wildlands firefighters often have large, dangerous jobs to tackle with forest fires that can spread very quickly. It's easy for these types of blazes to get out of hand very fast and do a lot of damage.


What might firefighters be required to do in order to make their district safer?

Fire safety is an important skill to learn for everyone in the world. While firefighters are experts in their field, they are also the perfect candidates for teaching those in their districts or communities how to stay safe.


When not out on an emergency, what is one task a firefighter may have to complete?

The fire station needs to be cleaned since so many utilize it! Often, when not on the scene you can catch the firefighters taking care of their temporary living quarters.


It's important that this is done every time a firefighter starts their shift. What is it?

As a firefighter, you'll need to rely on your equipment when you're in the field. If you don't check your equipment before each shift, it could really affect how you perform in the field and risk your safety as well.


Which of the following is a unit in the fire station?

The Special Operations unit does a lot that regular firefighters are not quite required to do. For example, some fire stations have bomb squads while others can have water rescue teams.


The fire chief's job is to do which of the following?

A fire chief has a big job that requires making sure that everything in the fire department is going smoothly. This includes the firefighters, paperwork, maintenance and cleaning that must happen on a day-to-day basis.


Is it true or false that as a firefighter, you may get a call while you're sleeping?

When duty calls as a firefighter, it can come at any time of the day. It's the firefighter's job to be prepared at all times when they are on their shift. It's important to be able to get to the scene of the incident as quickly and efficiently as possible.


What is a PASS device used for?

A PASS device sends out a signal for help when in a dangerous situation. It is a device that is worn by a firefighter to ensure their safety when fighting a blaze.


As a firefighter, what event must you be prepared for?

In any emergency profession, there is a possibility of witnessing injured or deceased individuals as well as the risk of those factors happening to you as well. A firefighter may have to work through the night with little sleep in stormy weather.


In addition to working to put out the fire, what is another task that a firefighter might have on the job?

If a person is trapped somewhere, firefighters may have to tear down walls or other objects that could be blocking the way. This is another reason why physical fitness is important for a firefighter.


When faced with the unfortunate occurrence of finding injured people, what is a firefighter obligated to do?

As in any emergency situation, a firefighter's job is to administer emergency care to any injured person they come across. Firefighters are trained in emergency medical techniques for this specific situation.


Sometimes, firefighters are not called out to a fire at all. What else might a firefighter be needed for?

Rescues are a large part of a firefighter's job as well. Often, they're called out to car accidents and other incidents where the Jaws of Life are required to be used.


This is often good practice in any job, but extra helpful when you're a firefighter as you don't want to miss a thing. What is it?

Being early to your shift is extra beneficial as a fireman, as it gives you a chance to get the rundown on what happened the night before. You never know when you might need to know some of the information that only the firemen on that shift would know.


What is a backdraft?

Backdrafts are something that a firefighter has to be aware of. They take place when a fire that is oxygen-deprived gets a dose of oxygen that sends it into an explosion.


There are typically rules on this when becoming a firefighter. What is it?

There is a restriction on looks for good reason; they're in place to keep you safe. For example, long hair could be dangerous for firefighters in the field, so it may be required that you cut it to a certain length.


Who do firemen work closely with most times?

The police and firefighters find themselves on most of the same emergencies. They have a good relationship that is important to be maintained in order to get their job done.


What are the "Jaws of Life"?

The Jaws of Life are important to a firefighter's job as they can save someone's life. They are most often used in the case of car crashes where the people involved are trapped inside.


In order to make sure they are well prepared, what might firefighters do to keep very sharp?

Fire drills are important for everyone to practice, especially firefighters. They have to know exactly what they are doing, as they are the professionals that save our lives. It's also important to teach other people your skills to remain sharp.


Foam is used for which of the following?

Foam is used to cool down the fire so that it is easier to tackle the blaze. Unlike the water, the foam coats the area, making it harder for the fire to get through and keep growing.


"PPV" stands for what?

PPV is important to firefighters because it can help them put out the fire a lot faster than usual. It influences the ventilation of the fire and in some way, attacks it.


What is a forward lay?

A forward lay is one of the many techniques used to fight a fire. Others include the reverse lay, which is the opposite, and the split lay is another alternative.


In the United Kingdom, these firefighters are known as retained firefighters. What does that mean?

Retained firefighters are firefighters who are on call. This type of position doesn't require the individual to be at the fire station when they are on call, but they have to live very close to the station in order to qualify.


Is it true or false that firefighters have to fill out paperwork from time to time?

This is true. A firefighter's job is a lot more than just fighting fires. Often when they're not fighting fires, they're at the station doing their paperwork and filing reports.


A tanker is what?

Did you know that there are different types of fire trucks? A tanker is the fire truck that carries the water rather than the equipment. The fire engine is the one that brings the equipment, most importantly, the ladders.


You must be good at this in order to be a great fireman. What is it?

Teamwork is very important for firefighters, as they always have to work together to efficiently fight a fire. One person can't tackle blazes alone!


Firefighters often work odd shifts. How long do many firefighters have to be on duty typically?

Typically, a firefighter will work a shift of 24 hours, which would then be followed by 48 hours off. During their shift, they would not go home, but instead live at the fire station for the time being.


Of the following, which quality should firefighters have in order to be successful in their career?

One defining trait of a firefighter is their bravery. It takes true courage to be able to go inside a burning building or other dangerous situation to save the lives of others.


What is usually a requirement for being a firefighter?

You need to rely on your senses as a firefighter. Good eyesight and hearing can help you in any situation, but especially in a situation as dangerous as a fire.


What must a potential firefighter do in order to be prepared for the job?

Staying fit is not only good for your health, but it's important for firefighters due to the physical work that is required. There is a lot of lifting and physical exertion that firefighters have to go through on a daily basis.


How long does training to become a firefighter usually take?

12 - 18 weeks is the typical amount of time it takes to become a firefighter. However, as you progress throughout your career, you can take courses and training in other areas to advance your knowledge and skills.


The battalion chief has an important role. What is it?

A battalion chief is the lowest of the chiefs in firefighting, but they have command over multiple fire stations in an area. They are also the highest commanders of the firefighters on the scene of a fire or emergency.


What does the firetruck carry?

The firetruck is mostly in use for the ladders. It's the vehicle that you'll see the firefighters grabbing their equipment from when they get to a scene, not the one that you'll see them using to put the fires out.


A fire engineer may have to do which of these tasks?

The fire trucks are extremely important to keep up with. That's why the fire engineer is tasked with the upkeep and maintenance of all of the vehicles. Often, they'll also be the drivers in an emergency.


Is it true or false that you need to have a specialized education in order to become a firefighter?

This is false. All you need to qualify for the position is to be 18 years old and have a driver's license. Of course, there are tests that you'll have to pass in order to make sure that you are fit for the job.


Thermal imaging cameras are used by firefighters for what?

When tackling a blaze, there is always a chance that someone could be trapped inside. These devices make it easier to scan and find them before it is too late.


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