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Fire safety rules could save your life. In the event of a fire it is important to be prepared and know what to do. Find out if you are fire-safe by taking this quiz.

At least how many times per year should you check your smoke alarm batteries?

Check your smoke alarm batteries at least twice a year. Generally people do this at the beginning and end of daylight saving time as a way of remembering. You should have smoke alarms installed in the hallway near each sleeping area in the house. It is also important to have fire extinguishers in key areas such as the kitchen, bedrooms, workshops and garage.


How many fire exits should each room have?

Each room should have two fire exits. If a fire exit is through a window on a higher floor, make sure there is a ladder that that can be dropped from the window. It is important to show your children where the fire exits are and take your family through a fire drill so that they know what to do in the event of a fire.


Where should you keep combustible materials?

Keep combustible materials away from warm places. It is best to lock them away in a cupboard dedicated to combustible and dangerous tools. Put a heat detector inside to alert you if the room is too warm of if there is a fire.


Where should you avoid running extension cords?

Avoid running extension cords under rugs or carpets, since these cords tend to wear easily and may short and cause a fire. Frayed cords should be replaced. It is also important not to overload electrical circuits.


What should you use to attach electrical cords to walls?

Use tape to secure electrical cords to walls or floors. Nails and staples can damage the cords.


How can you alert firefighters if there are children or physically challenged people in your home, even if you are not there at the time?

You can get special stickers from the fire department to place on your window, alerting firefighters to look out for children or people who may need assistance evacuating a burning house.


How can you prevent your lights from overheating and causing a fire?

Use low-wattage bulbs for ceiling fixtures and recessed lights, as they tend to trap heat which can lead to a fire. If you aren't sure of the correct wattage for your lights, uses a bulb of 60 watts or less.


What do you mix with sand to make a dry fire extinguisher?

Mix two pounds of baking soda with six pounds of fine sand to create your own dry fire extinguisher. This should be sprinkled directly onto small oil or petroleum fires.


Where should you avoid placing a gas cooktop?

Avoid having a gas cooktop near an open window since the wind can extinguish the flame, allowing gas to build up in the kitchen. When cooking, keep pot and pan handles inward on the kitchen range so that they won't be knocked over.


If a fire breaks out, how long should you spend fighting it?

Don't spend more than 30 seconds fighting a fire, as small fires can get big very quickly. Try and smother the fire by turning off the gas or covering it with a heavy woolen blanket and using a fire extinguisher. If you are not having quick success, evacuate the house and call the fire department.


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