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Getting flippant with guns can cost you dearly. How much do you know about firearm safety? Take this quiz to find out.

What is a key trait of a fully automatic weapon?

Fully automatic weapons fire many bullets with one trigger pull.


If you use incorrect ammunition for your gun, what can happen?

The gun may become obstructed. It's one of the most dangerous mistakes you can make.


What should you always be leery of?

Depending on who loaded the ammo, the quality could veer from excellent to dangerous.


True or false: A gun's safety is guaranteed to never fail.

Safeties can fail, as can any man-made mechanism.


How should you cross a fence when you're carrying a weapon?

The simple act of unloading the gun and placing it on the other side protects you and everyone around you.


Where should you store the key for a locked firearm?

To avoid careless accidents, you should store the key in a safe location.


How should you treat every gun, even if you suspect it has never once been loaded with ammunition?

Treating all guns as if they were loaded can save many lives and limbs.


Where should you store your firearm's ammunition?

Many owners keep ammo in the same location as the gun and inadvertently make unauthorized access easier.


Because accidents happen, you should never do what?

You're always safer if you have a friend around to help in case of emergency.


You should unload your gun before …

It takes only seconds for an unauthorized person to grab an unattended gun.


Where should your finger NOT be placed until you are ready to fire a weapon?

You should have already gone through every other safety procedure before touching the trigger.


What happens if you shoot at a lake's surface?

Water does weird things to the path of a bullet, including causing it to careen elsewhere.


You should never point the muzzle of your gun at anything unless you intend to …

Assume that you will destroy anything that winds up on the wrong side of the sights.


When should you perform maintenance on your firearm?

Proper care before you shoot and store your firearm will ensure its longevity and safety.


How does a locationized gun restrict its usage?

Advanced technologies shut down the gun if it is removed from approved firing areas, such as a shooting range.


What can happen if you fire weapons in a poorly ventilated area?

Lead dust is poison to people, so it's best to minimize the possibility of inhaling it.


What is a safe target?

Approved firing ranges are the safest places to shoot.


What can cause the barrel of a gun to split like a banana peel?

That's why you should always check for obstructions before you load the gun.


What is a "hair trigger"?

A hair trigger releases at the slightest amount of pressure.


In decibels, how loud are many handguns?

Many handguns are as loud as 160 decibels. It's why you should wear ear protection when you're shooting.


What is the legal maximum blood alcohol content for safe gun operation in the U.S.?

It depends on the state, but generally substance use and firearms don't really mix.


What does the trigger guard do?

The trigger guard encloses the trigger and makes it harder for the trigger to be accidentally bumped.


Smart guns can't be fired by anyone other than their owners thanks to …

Some advanced versions scan fingerprints before you can fire.


What is "overpenetration"?

It's why you should never shoot if there are vulnerable objects or people behind a given target.


What should you do with the gun's action before entering a vehicle or home?

You should open it and make sure the gun is unloaded, too.


What percentage of accidental child shooting victims are boys?

Eighty percent are boys.


Before you pull the trigger, you should verify your target as well as …

You need awareness of the entire scene before you shoot.


About how many states hold adults criminally liable if they fail to store guns safely and someone gets hurt?

Less than twenty states hold them criminally liable for improper storage.


What's the primary reason to wear safety glasses while shooting?

All of these scenarios are possible, but ricocheting bullets are extremely common.


In 2013 about how many unintentional firearms deaths were there worldwide?

Forty-seven thousand deaths is a lot of accidental bloodshed.


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