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There is a good chance that when you were growing up, there was at least a small part of you that was interested in becoming a firefighter. These men and women are among the bravest people on the planet and are everyday heroes and leaders in their communities. It's an unconventional job that allows you to really make a difference in the world.

However, being a firefighter is serious business and becoming one takes a lot of hard work and dedications. Of course, you need to be in peak physical condition and strong enough to potentially carry people out of burning buildings. It can take a lot of time to work up the strength and endurance to be successful as a firefighter.

But in addition to the difficult physical examinations and tests, there is also a mental aspect to this job, which involves an exam featuring a series of different questions about medical care, on-the-job scenarios, math, fire science and other information important to firefighting. 

With that in mind, get ready to test your knowledge and see if you've got what it takes (at least mentally) to be a firefighter by taking this firefighter entrance exam quiz!

What is the normal rate of breathing for an infant?

It is incredibly important for firefighters to know this if they save an infant and want to check the baby's breathing.


Without oxygen, brain cells begin to die in _________.

Without oxygen for a few minutes, your brain cells will begin to die. As a result, firefighters need to get oxygen back into the cells as quickly as possible.


CPR should be administered if the victim _______.

While all of the listed injuries can be serious, if a victim suffered cardiac arrest, the first thing first responders should do is administer CPR.


Which of the following is a type of plant fiber?

Cotton is produced and picked in fields, while the others come from animals or are produced from other materials. Firefighters need to be aware of different materials and how flammable they are compared to others.


Liquids that burn are what type of fuels?

As a firefighter, knowing the different classes of fires (and what extinguishing agents to use) is incredibly important to saving lives and reducing the damage done by certain fires.


What is the firefighter's carry?

In addition to being the preferred tactic to save victims and remove them from dangerous positions, a firefighter's carry is also a wrestling move.


What is a large disadvantage of the firefighter's carry?

Despite this one disadvantage, a firefighter's carry is a very effective method and is one that allows a firefighter to carry someone out, while potentially having a free hand.


You shouldn't use water on an electrical fire because ...

While it won't always happen, dumping water on an electrical fire has a high chance of shocking someone, which is why those fires should be dealt with using other methods.


When you do a preventative fire inspection you should identify yourself as a firefighter to ...

If you're doing a preventative visit, you likely won't be wearing your fire suit, so be sure to let people know who you are and what you're doing, as they might not know automatically.


What is the leading cause of fire deaths in the USA?

In addition to causing cancer, smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths in the USA because many people will fall asleep with a lit cigarette or simply put it down without putting it out.


Why should firefighters wear seat belts when responding to an alarm?

While answering an alarm and traveling to a fire needs to be done fast, firefighters still need to be sure to buckle up and stay safe.


Regarding smoke detectors, people should ...

Smoke detectors are incredibly important, but to ensure they are working their best, you should change the batteries frequently, about twice a year.


If there is a fire in an apartment building, firefighters will relocate people to a safe area, which is called ...

This area can be outside of a building, but there can also be designated spots inside buildings that can act as areas of refuge.


Once the initial size-up​ of the fire has been completed, the incident commander should ...

While it is important to do an initial size-up, it is also important to make sure you have a plan or are ready to react if things change.


What is the normal rate of breathing for an adult?

By knowing the average breath rate of an adult, a firefighter will be able to quickly and accurately assess a victim's condition.


Who is responsible for the management of the event and safety of the people involved?

While each of the choices has their important role, it is the incident commander who controls each individual event.


During an inspection, if you are asked a fire-related question to which you don't know answer, what should you do?

You don't want to cease the inspection and go find the answer. But once the inspection is done and you have some time, you can do some digging for them to find an answer.


If a citizen is complaining, angry or confrontational, what should the company officer do?

Being calm and in control during stressful events is incredibly important as a firefighter or anyone who works in tense situations.


Fire inspections at businesses should take place at irregular times and in random intervals because ...

If you schedule these inspections, businesses will know to ensure everything is taken care of and ready for the inspection, even if they don't otherwise exhibit good fire prevention measures.


Which artery should first responders check first on an unresponsive infant?

While any artery will give a pulse, checking the brachial artery is the preferred method as it can give the quickest and most accurate response.


For flaming combustion to occur, fuels must be in a ...

This is important to know as combustion can be devastating, so you should always be aware of when it can occur and when it cannot.


What is a normal pulse for adults and adolescents?

While the heart rate can change based on many things, the average adult should have a resting rate of around 60 to 100 beats per minute.


Which is the primary oxidizing agent in most fires?

While we need oxygen to live, it is also incredibly important to ensure fires remain lit.


Your fire department must do this to be compliant with NFPA 1500.

By keeping a detailed record of all events, you can remain compliant and prove it.


When using a hose clamp, how far behind the apparatus should it be applied?

Attaching the clamp any closer or further away from the apparatus could impact how effective and powerful the hose will be.


Which is among the most important ways for firefighters to prevent injuries?

Firefighters get in a lot of sticky situations and need to be strong and physically fit to handle all that the job can throw at them.


Which types of valves are used in pumper discharges?

Ball valves are widely used (both in consumer and commercial markets) and are also used in gated wyes.


When the development of a fire is limited by the supply of air, it is ...

If a fire doesn't have a lot of ventilation, it will be limited in its size and will be controlled.


Which is one of the main goals of a building search?

While putting out a fire is important, finding victims comes first and is the most important thing when searching a burning building.


Radio logs are kept in what sort of order?

By using chronological order, you can easily search through radio logs to find a desired event because everything is in a logical order.


Many fire departments will monitor these radio frequencies for emergencies?

Monitoring radio frequencies can help to scope out early reports of fires, which can increase the likelihood that people and property are saved.


Which victim should not be moved with the firefighter's carry?

The firefighter's carry isn't great for those with injuries to their neck or spine, and that is because their body will be twisted and their head will not be supported at all during the carry.


Who determines the type of protective gear required at a specific event?

As you could imagine, the incident commander is in control of a specific incident and will be first in command when it comes to what gear needs to be used. Different fire severity and different locations will call for different types of equipment.


Radiated heat waves will travel until they are absorbed by ____________.

This is very important for firefighters to know because knowing how heat waves travel can assist in stopping or containing fires.


Heat rays travel at the speed of _________.

The speed of light is 299,792,458 metres per second, which is much faster than the speed of sound.


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