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When we think of fireplaces, we naturally think of warm, cozy evenings and crackling logs. In reality, fireplaces don't really heat a room very efficiently. Fireplace inserts are designed to combat the heat loss from traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Take our quiz to learn more about fireplace inserts.

What is a major disadvantage of a traditional wood-burning fireplace?

Fireplaces are not very energy efficient; a lot of heat is lost up the chimney. According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, the efficiency of older fireplaces is only 5 to 10 percent.


What type of energy is used in fireplace inserts?

If you're in the market for fireplace inserts, you can choose from inserts that are powered by electricity, gas, propane, wood or coal.


What is a fireplace insert made of?

A fireplace insert is a fireproof box made of steel or cast iron with a front made of insulated glass. This creates a closed combustion system that traps heat and is much more efficient than a traditional fireplace.


Where can electric fireplace inserts can be installed?

Electric fireplace inserts can be installed anywhere you have electric power. They're a great choice for homes that don’t have actual fireplaces.


What type of flame is in an electric fireplace insert?

There is no actual combustion with electric fireplace inserts, so no vents are needed. Just plug it in and enjoy.


Which type of fireplace insert is the easiest to install?

An electric fireplace insert is very simple to install. You don't have to worry about clearing a mantle, and there is no chimney flue to be taken into account.


What is the purpose of the flexible tubes in a gas fireplace insert?

One of the flexible tubes running down the chimney brings fresh air into the gas fireplace insert for combustion; the other tube is for exhaust.


Are gas fireplace inserts capable of heating your room efficiently?

Gas fireplace inserts are great for zone heating, and they're energy efficient. They put out between 25,000 to 40,000 British thermal units (Btu), which can adequately heat a medium-size room.


Which safety feature is a must for a gas fireplace insert?

Because gas burns so cleanly, it's often difficult to detect a gas leak. When installing a gas fireplace insert, make sure you also install a carbon monoxide detector, available at your local home improvement store.


Which type of fireplace insert uses ceramic logs?

The logs used in gas fireplace inserts are made of ceramic or ceramic fiber. You can place them over a burner to get the look of a real flame.


Which type of mantel is best for gas and wood fireplace inserts?

A noncombustible mantel is your best choice when installing a wood or gas fireplace insert. Be sure to follow the mantel clearance guidelines during installation.


Remote controls are a feature of which type of fireplace insert?

Both gas and electric fireplace inserts are simple to start with the push of a button, and many come with remote controls that you can operate from the comfort of your couch.


What is the biggest disadvantage of a wood fireplace insert?

Like traditional fireplaces, the big disadvantage of wood-burning fireplace inserts are the emissions. Wood-burning fireplaces can contribute to air pollution by releasing wood smoke into the air.


For how many hours can the firebox of a wood-burning fireplace insert burn?

A firebox of a wood-burning fireplace insert can burn for as long as six to eight hours when full. The largest size at 3.1 cubic feet (0.09 cubic meters) can give off up to 85,000 Btu per hour.


How often should you have your wood fireplace insert cleaned?

You should have your wood fireplace insert, chimney and vents professionally cleaned and inspected every year.


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