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A fireplace may create a beautiful and romantic setting, so don't kill the romance with a smoke-filled room. Knowing about the proper operation of your fireplace can help you safely enjoy it. Take this quiz to see whether you know how to have a fire without smoke.

According to the National Home Builders Association, what percent of home buyers would like to have a family room fireplace?

Fully 77 percent of home buyers would like a fireplace in their family room.


In medieval castles, what was the use of indoor fireplaces?

Medieval castles used indoor fireplaces for warmth.


Standard fireplaces are an _____________ source of heat.

Standard fireplaces are inefficient sources for heat and may even cause your home to lose heat.


Why is proper fireplace venting important?

Fireplace smoke may contain harmful chemicals. Proper venting is essential for indoor fireplaces.


Modern fireplaces are most valued for their _____________ value.

Fireplaces add esthetic value to modern homes.


What is a fireplace hearth made of?

A hearth is build out of fireproof material, such as brick.


What is the location of the firebox?

The firebox is located inside the fireplace.


What is the purpose of the surround?

The surround protects the walls around the fireplace. A mantle may be mounted on top of the surround.


What material is the flue constructed of?

The flue may be constructed of baked clay or stainless steel.


What is the purpose of a smoke chamber?

The smoke chamber joins the fireplace with the flue.


A smoke shelf prevents _________ from dropping into the fireplace.

A smoke shelf prevents rain or soot from dropping into the fireplace.


A fireplace feature that is a helpful when cleaning your fireplace is a:

An ash dump is a trap door where you can push all the ash. You can collect the accumulated ash at a later time.


Why does a chimney cap rotate?

A chimney cap prevents moisture and animals from entering your home. Some chimney caps rotate to block wind gusts.


How many ways can heat be transferred?

Heat is transferred by conduction, convection or radiation.


What is the best wood to burn in a fireplace?

Hardwoods such as hickory, ash, oak and hard maple are best. Wood should be dry.


What is kindling?

Kindling is material used to start a fire. Small pieces of easily ignited wood are used for kindling.


When should you use a fire accelerator such as lighter fluid?

You should never use a fire accelerant in an indoor fireplace.


What type of fireplace produces a clean and efficient source of heat?

A gas fireplace is much cleaner and more efficient than a wood-burning one.


What should you keep handy when using a fireplace?

Every home should have a fire extinguisher, especially when a fireplace is used.


Smoke from a fireplace may aggravate what health conditions?

Respiratory conditions may be aggravated by the smoke from a fireplace.


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