First Come, First Staked: The Lost Boys Quiz

By: Maria Trimarchi

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What do you do your first night out in your new town? Get to know your new neighbors -- dead and alive. How much do you know about the creatures of the night in this '80s horror favorite?

Which Corey appears in "The Lost Boys"?

Both Corey Feldman and Corey Haim star in "The Lost Boys," as the characters Edgar Frog and Sam. It's their first film together.

What fictional town do Lucy, Michael and Sam move to from Phoenix, Arizona?

Lucy, Michael, and Sam Emerson move from Phoenix, Arizona, to Santa Carla. Santa Carla is a fictional town, but it's based on the real-life location of Santa Cruz, California.

What is the town of Santa Carla overun by?

A gang of vampires, The Lost Boys, have overrun the town of Santa Carla.

Nobody touches the second shelf, but who?

Nobody touches the second drawer of the refrigerator, but Grandpa. That's where he keeps his root beers and his double-thick Oreo cookies.

Which song is the theme from "The Lost Boys?"

Gerard McMahon's song "Cry Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys)," is the movie's theme song.

Which song will you hear in the movie but not on the soundtrack?

“Ain’t Got No Home," "Groovin" and "Walk This Way" are all in the movie but don't appear on the soundtrack.

Who was originally supposed to direct the film?

Executive producer Richard Donner was originally supposed to direct the movie but bowed out to direct "Lethal Weapon."

Who is the man playing the saxophone on the boardwalk at the beginning of the movie?

That's Tim Cappello, who you'll also see performing with Tina Turner and others.

What's Sam's dog's name?

Sam's dog's name is Nanook.

Who is on the poster on the outside of Sam's bedroom closet door?

Sam has a poster of Rob Lowe hanging on his closet door.

Where on the boardwalk does Lucy Emerson work?

Michael and Sam's mom, Lucy, works at Max's video store on the boardwalk.

Who is the leader of the Lost Boys?

David, played by Kiefer Sutherland, is the leader of the vampires.

Who doesn't turn back to their normal human selves after David is impaled on the antlers?

When neither Laddie, Michael nor Star turn back into their normal human selves after David is killed, the vampire hunters realize David isn't the head vampire.

Who is Santa Carla's head vampire?

Max is the head vampire and leader of David and the Santa Carla vampire gang, whom he calls his boys.

What was Max's original motivation?

Max's original motivation was to get Lucy as a mother for his Lost Boys.

How does Max die?

Grandpa's car impales Max with a wooden fence post when it crashes through the house.

Who is the Missing Child on the milk carton?

"Laddie" Thompson is the missing boy on the milk carton.

Who covers The Doors' song, "People Are Strange," for the film?

All of these artists appear on the soundtrack, but it's Echo and The Bunnymen who cover "People Are Strange" for the film.

Michael hallucinates that the rice with his Chinese food turns into what?

Maggots, Michael. You’re eating maggots.

How do the Lost Boys sleep?

The Boys sleep hanging upside down in a cave.

How many times do the characters say the name, "Michael," in the movie?

"Michael" is spoken more than 100 times in the movie.

The Lost Boys aren't the only local gang in Santa Carla. What is the name of the other local gang?

The Surf Nazis also claim this turf but are -- as we see at a bonfire -- frequent Lost Boys' victims.

What does David say to Surf Nazi-Greg before he feeds on him?

Before killing him, David says to Greg, "Hey, dude. My beach, my wave."

How do the vampire hunters kill Marko, played by Alex Winter?

The Frog Brothers kill Marko with a wooden stake.

Which is not part of the movie's tagline?

"The Lost Boys" tagline includes, "Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire." But not, "You are who you eat."

Which song from the soundtrack is the only single from the movie to chart in the U.S.?

"Good Times," originally released in 1968 by a band called the Easybeats, was the only song from "The Lost Boys" soundtrack to chart. The film's version, performed by INXS with Jimmy Barnes, hit No. 47 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Jason Patric's real-life brother appeared in a vampire movie, the same year "The Lost Boys" came out. Which movie was it?

Jason Patric's brother Joshua John Miller appeared as Homer in "Near Dark," the same year "The Lost Boys" was released,

Which movie did Jason Patric (Michael) and Jami Gertz (Star) appear in together before starring together in "The Lost Boys?"

Jason Patric and Jami Gertz worked together in "Solarbabies" before starring in "The Lost Boys."

Which movies did director Joel Schumacher suggest Corey Feldman rent to help get into his character, Edgar Frog?

Joel Schumacher suggested Corey Feldman rent Chuck Norris and Sylvestor Stallone movies, like "Cobra," "First Blood" and "Missing in Action" to get into character.

"The Lost Boys" is a nod to which story?

"The Lost Boys" are the boys who wouldn't grow up in "Peter Pan."

Who hasn't sampled the "Theme From The Lost Boys?"

The L.A. Guns covered "Cry Little Sister (Theme From the Lost Boys)," but they didn't sample it.

What was the only sequel Schumacher was interested in doing?

In 2007, director Joel Schumacher was quoted as saying, ”I told them to do 'Lost Girls.' It'd be great. I said, 'Do gorgeous teenage biker chicks who are vampires. It'll be great.' But they don't listen to me."

Which "Zoolander" star recounted at the 2010 Young Hollywood Awards that he'd auditioned for "The Lost Boys?"

At the 2010 Young Hollywood Awards, Ben Stiller said -- possibly jokingly, possibly not -- that he'd auditioned for "The Lost Boys."

Lost Boy Jason Patric earned a Razzie award for his role in what movie?

Jason Patric shared a Razzie with Sandra Bullock for Worst Screen Couple in "Speed 2: Cruise Control."

It's said Joel Schumacher traded directing band's music videos for their songs for his movie soundtracks. Which INXS video did he later direct?

Joel Schumacher directed the video for INXS' hit, "Devil Inside."

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