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The first three months of pregnancy are filled with lots of firsts -- some not as great as others. Take a pregnant pause and see how you score on your first trimester knowledge.

How long is a trimester?

A trimester is a three-month period of time; human pregnancies are comprised of three trimesters, or about 266 days.


What is the one-celled organism formed when sperm and egg unite?

A fertilized egg becomes a one-celled organism called a zygote, which has 23 chromosomes from you and 23 chromosomes from your partner.


Babies aren't just cute; they're smart. During which week of pregnancy does the brain begin to develop?

During the fifth week of pregnancy, a baby's brain, spinal cord, heart and other organs begin to form.


Morning sickness, a common term for the nausea that plagues pregnant women, subsides by what time of day?

For many pregnant women, morning sickness is a misnomer because they feel nauseous through the day or night.


Are heartburn and pregnancy related?

During pregnancy, it takes longer to digest your food so your baby can absorb more of the nutritents. This also means you're at increased risk for heartburn.


You may be looking forward to tickling your newborn's toes in a few short months, but do you know when those toes start to grow?

Your baby's 10 "little piggies" start forming during the ninth week of your pregnancy.


Water's good for the body -- and your developing baby -- but how often should you urinate?

Go to the bathroom whenever you feel the urge. Your growing uterus is putting pressure on your bladder and you could cause a bladder infection by holding it too long.


How early in the development process is your baby's gender determined?

The moment an egg is fertilized, your baby's gender is determined. From the start, your baby was destined to be a boy or a girl -- but you won't know until the second trimester.


Your newborn will soon have you wrapped around her little finger, but when do her fingernails start to form?

Your baby's fingernails begin to grow during Week 12 of your pregnancy, about the time his or her body reaches about 2.5 inches (6.35 centimeters) in length.


At what age can a developing infant suck his or her thumb while still in the womb?

As early as 14 weeks' gestation, a baby can begin sucking his or her thumb.


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