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Fishing is a fun and peaceful activity for all to enjoy, but if you're going to take your kids along, you should prepare for the day to revolve around them. It may not turn out to be fishing at its finest, but it could be parenting at its finest. Take our quiz to learn more about how to enjoy a day fishing with your kids.

What is the most important thing to remember when fishing with your kids?

When you spend time with children, you have to adjust the activity to their needs. Your goal might not be to actually catch fish, but to see to it that your kids enjoy a day with you.


What is the best way to protect your kids from the sun?

Sunscreen might prevent a sunburn, but prolonged exposure to sunlight carries other risks. A hat will actually provide your kids with better protection, and a fishing hat can look really cute.


Whenever you spend time with children while near water, you should make sure to have which of these?

Young children should never be allowed near deep water without a life jacket or some other flotation device. Remember that your child's safety is your primary concern.


What length rod is best for children?

Young children should not be asked to handle a 14-foot long fishing rod. Get them a short, simple rod -- about 5 or 6 feet long.


Children, and anyone first learning to fish, should use what type of reel?

A simple closed face reel, sometimes called a spin cast reel, with a push button mechanism, is the best way to get a kid started.


Approximately how much should a child's first reel cost?

You need not spend more than $20 on your child's first reel. Remember that your goal is to have fun together, not to catch a monster fish.


For safety reasons you should use which type of hooks?

Serious fishermen use hooks with barbs that trap the fish after they bite the hook. These barbs, however, require careful handling, and are too dangerous for kids to use.


Which of these figures represents the smallest fishing hook?

The size of a fishing hook is expressed by a whole number, with decreasing value. The larger the number, the smaller the hook.


Which of these tools should you use to remove a hook from a fish?

Once you've caught a fish, you need a way to remove the hook from its mouth. Needle-nosed pliers work well and are safest, as they keep your fingers away from the sharp point of the hook.


What sort of bobber should you use when fishing with kids?

A large, colorful bobber will be fun for your kids to watch as they wait for a the fish to bite.


What is the best kind of bait for children to use?

When fly fishing, you need to cast and recast, which is a difficult task for a child. Live bait needs to be cast just once, and then your child can watch and wait. Use worms.


Where should you go to find a large variety of fishing equipment?

These days you can find a huge selection of fishing equipment at your local sporting goods store.


What should you do with a fish after you catch it?

Catch and release is a fun method for children. They take a minute to look at the fish you've caught, and then they say goodbye to the fish as it swims away.


Before you go fishing, you must make sure you have which of these?

Many states require that you get a license to go fishing. Make sure you get one; you can use the process as an opportunity to teach your kids about responsibility.


Where should you go to find out about your state's fishing and licensing policies?

Most states have Web sites that provide information regarding fishing laws, licensing, locations, and just about anything else you might need to get started.


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