Fix Up an Old Car and We'll Tell You Which Gun You Are!

Jody Mabry

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If you consider yourself a rough-rider or greaser, you might find it difficult to holster your love for old cars. Tell us how you'd fix up an old car, and we'll tell you which gun you are!

When you're fixing up an old car, where do you get your parts?

What is your personality style?

What decade of car do you love to work on the most?

What kind of seats would you replace most cars with?

What's your favorite "easy" task?

Do you prefer to repair or replace the engine?

What's the most annoying thing to fix?

What's your take on changing the oil?

What's your best friend?

When you repair a car, do you try to supe it up?

Do you buy new or used?

Why is it important to you to rotate your tires?

Your AC isn't working. What do you check first?

Someone tells you that they hear a scraping sound when they hit the brakes. What do you do?

Which liquid color do you just not want to see under your car?

How do you decide which old car to fix?

When you're repairing an old car, do you always replace all the belts?

What's the most important cosmetic repair you'd do?

Do you use your own tools?

What do you consider the most important maintence repair on your car?

Why shouldn't you drive on fumes?

What is the first question you ask yourself when repairing an old car?

Which classic engine do you wish you could put in all of your cars?

What mod do you add to all your classic car repairs?

Which is your favorite mod that might be illegal?

What do you always upgrade in your classic car?

Which make do you prefer to work on?

How do you make your old car feel new?

What is an unnecessary upgrade you would like to add?

What is your favorite custom paint design or style?

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