Quiz: Fix These Sentences and We'll Rate Your Grammar Skills on a Scale of 1–10
Fix These Sentences and We'll Rate Your Grammar Skills on a Scale of 1–10
By: Jennifer Post
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English grammar originated in the late 16th century with the publication of Pamphlet for Grammar. Written by William Bullokar, the pamphlet bases English grammar on those rules and guidelines that were found, and based, in Latin. There was a more modern approach introduced in the 19th century.

Grammar is also ever-changing based on popular usage and changes in the form of the language. Additionally, grammar rules that once were extremely strict and not to be strayed from have become loosened and open for interpretation. In school, the youth of America are taught the hard and fast rules that are not to be broken. However, once that youth grows up a little bit, they realize there is a little bit more leniency when it comes to grammar, but as long as they are in school, they will be graded on the black and white grammar rules.

So how much do you remember about grammar? Honestly, there's a lot of stuff to remember, and it can all get jumbled in your brain when you're also expected to remember the capitals of all the states, the preamble to the Constitution and the entire breakdown of the solar system. Fix these sentences and we'll rate your grammar knowledge on a scale of 1-10!

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What would you change about this sentence? "Who am I going to go to the store with?"

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How would you correct this sentence? "To swiftly write is to write effectively."

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In the following sentence, would you change anything? "That movie was super awesome."

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Where is the mistake in this sentence? "I was going to the store but then I got stuck at every red light so I was going to turn around if I got stuck at one more but then I made the green light so I decided to go after all."

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Is there anything wrong with this sentence? "I can't get no satisfaction."

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Does this sentence use the correct form of the word "data"? "The datum is on the disk"

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How does this sentence sound? "If you would like, you can come down to the office and you can tell him in person"?

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What is the term for this sentence? "Turning the corner, things were quite different"

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What about this sentence is technically grammatically incorrect? "I go shopping alot."

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Are you passive aggressive? What about this sentence, is it passive? "All of the cookies have been eaten by you."

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What makes this sentence incorrect? "The phone, whose cord was tangled, hung on the wall."

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Can you spot the incorrect grammar in this sentence? "Although you were still eating pureed food, I was solving equations."

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Is the hyphen in the right place in this sentence? "This sourdough bread is rock-hard."

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