Quiz: Fixer-upper: How much do you know about home renovation?
Fixer-upper: How much do you know about home renovation?
By: Maria Trimarchi
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You flip the light switch, but nothing happens. And hey, you've always wished that was a dimmer switch. On a new ceiling fixture. Next to a two-room addition. Are you headed for disaster or domestic bliss? Measure your knowledge on this quiz and see if your score makes the cut.

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When you remove an outlet plate, what are the three wires?
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If you are renovating an older home, your first step may be to check for this hazardous material once commonly used for insulation and fireproofing:
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It's a great time to check for this when replacing the siding on a home:
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What could happen if you don't use the right tool for the job?
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What should you have on site for personal safety?
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Complete the following advice: measure ____, cut ____.
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What's causing water to leak onto your bathroom floor when you flush?
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Where is flat paint best used?
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What should you check and clean if your sink has a stubborn clog?
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How would you fix a low water level in the toilet bowl?
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What should you ask potential contractors for before your renovation job?
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You want to paint behind the toilet, but the tank is too close to the wall. There are two steps to drain a toilet tank so you can remove it. First, turn off the cut-off valve. And second?
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Oh, no! Your lead paint test comes back showing there is lead paint in your home. What do you do next?
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You've caulked your windows and weatherstripped your doors, but you still feel a draft. What's an easy way to find where it's coming from?
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What should be first on your To Do list before you crack open the paint for the exterior of your home?
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Drip. Drip. Drip. What part of your faucet needs to be fixed?
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What could cause a toilet to stop flushing all the way?
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From the 1950s to 1978 (when it became illegal), lead made indoor paints more durable -- but it is also a highly-toxic metal. How do you find out if your house has lead paint?
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In what type of pattern should you apply joint compound to cover the patch in the wall?
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Which should you not move if you can avoid it during a project?
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You're moving furniture and you scuff the wall. What's the quickest, most effective fix?
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What can you sprinkle to silence squeaky wood floors?
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Which type of wiring connection is a known fire risk in more modern homes?
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Combining which three types of lighting gives you the best lighting design for your rooms?
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What was the average reported cost of a kitchen remodel in 2016?
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How much might you expect to budget for a small kitchen facelift, including fresh paint, refaced cabinets, sink upgrade and backsplash?
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After cutting the power to prevent accidents, what type of wrench should you use to adjust the flywheel of your a broken-down garbage disposal?
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What color is a ground wire?
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When you're budgeting for home renovation, big or small, how much should you pad the number, just in case?
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What can you try, before calling the plumber, to unclog a clogged toilet when a plunger doesn't work?
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How long can it take for your new CFL bulbs to come to full brightness?
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What's the best way to loosen frozen nuts and bolts or a stuck water valve knob?
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If you don't get the right permit(s) for your project and something bad happens, will your homeowner's insurance cover your costs?
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Which is the most forgiving indoor paint finish?
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What's the most common reason your toilet is "running" (you're constantly hearing water fill and drain from your toilet tank)?
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