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Cracks on a wall are inevitable in any home. Time alone produces hairline cracks that you may want to fix permanently. Fixing cracked plaster involves a few simple and easy steps. Take this quiz and learn how you can fix your cracked plaster for good.

What can temporarily hide hairline cracks in plaster?

Hairline cracks on your walls are inevitable over time. Try painting over hairline cracks with latex paint as a temporary solution.


How long will a hairline plaster crack remain covered if you paint over it?

Painting over hairline cracks is only temporary. This solution may last anywhere from a few hours to a few months before the crack rears its ugly head again.


What should you do to fix a small hairline crack permanently?

It may sound counterintuitive, but it's better to open up a small crack and fill it properly.


What type of plaster should you use to fill cracks in the wall?

Fill cracks with either plaster of paris, which does not shrink when dried, or premixed plaster repair compound.


How do you prepare a crack for plastering?

Before you plaster over a crack, try opening it up with a utility knife to create clean edges.


Why do you need a vacuum cleaner when plastering a crack in the wall?

After you open up the crack and chipped away at loose plaster, clear away the debris from the crack with a vacuum cleaner.


When mixing plaster of paris with water it should be:

Mix plaster of paris with water to make a thick paste. This thick paste should be applied to the crack with a wet paintbrush.


How long should you let the crack dry after you apply wet plaster?

It's important to allow sufficient time for the plaster to dry. Wait a good 24 hours before you sand the plaster.


What type of sand paper should you use to sand the plaster?

Use fine or medium sand paper to smooth out the newly plastered wall.


What should you do once you finish sanding the newly plastered wall?

After the plaster is nice and even, prime and paint the whole wall.


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