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"Flashdance" didn't exactly receive a warm reception from the critics back in the day, but it became a cult classic and survived as a fabulous relic of '80s dance and fashion. How much do you know about "Flashdance"? Take this quiz to find out.

What year did "Flashdance" come out?

"Flashdance" hit theaters in April 1983.


Who directed "Flashdance"?

English director Adrian Lyne helmed "Flashdance."


This is NOT one of the other movies that Adrian Lyne directed in the '80s.

Lyne did not direct "Angel Heart."


"Flashdance" was the first collaboration for the famed production team of Don Simpson and _______.

Simpson and Bruckheimer would go on to produce "Top Gun," "Beverly Hills Cop" and "The Rock."


True or false: The song "Maniac" was originally written for the movie "Maniac."

The song "Maniac" was a lot more brutal at first — it was written for the 1980 slasher of the same name.


The "Flashdance" theme ("What a Feeling") and this song from the soundtrack both topped the charts in 1983.

Michael Sembello's "Maniac" also hit No. 1.


Irene Cara, who sang "What a Feeling," also sang the theme to this other '80s film.

Cara hit it big in 1980 with "Fame."


Who's the main character in "Flashdance"?

Alexandra "Alex" Owens is the heroine.


What's Alex's day job?

Eighteen-year-old Alex is a welder by day.


What's Alex's night job?

Alex is an exotic dancer by night.


What's her dream job?

Alex aspires to be a ballerina.


Where does "Flashdance" take place?

Alex lives in Pittsburgh.


What is Alex's dog's name?

Alex's drooling pup answers to "Grunt."


What's the name of the club where Alex dances?

Mawby's is a bar and grill by day, exotic cabaret by night.


Who's Alex's best friend at Mawby's?

Jeanie is Alex's dancer girlfriend.


And what is Jeanie's dream job?

Jeanie dreams of being a figure skater, but a fall puts an end to that.


Who is Alex's boyfriend?

At the beginning of the movie, Alex is dating Richie, who wants to be a stand-up comedian.


Who is Nick Hurley?

Alex is swept away by Nick Hurley, the owner of the steel mill where she works.


How much older is Nick than Alex?

It's not spelled out in the movie, but Michael Nouri is 18 years older than Jennifer Beals.


Who is Alex's mentor?

Alex receives sage advice from retired ballerina Hanna, who unfortunately dies suddenly.


What's the name of the strip club that the evil Johnny C. owns?

Johnny C. wants Alex to dance at Zanzibar.


Why does Alex throw a rock through Nick's window?

Alex does see Nick with another woman, but he tells her later it was a nonromantic encounter with his ex-wife.


Does Alex finally become a ballerina?

Of course she does. Her wild and unconventional audition wins them over.


Who was one of the finalists for the role of Alex?

Jennifer Beals reportedly beat out Demi Moore for the role.


Which rock star was in the running to play Nick?

Gene Simmons apparently turned down the role of Nick because he didn't think it was tough enough.


How many body doubles did Jennifer Beals have during filming?

Beals had three stand-ins for her dance scenes.


How many of them were female?

Two of Beals' uncredited body doubles were women, and the other one was the break-dancer Crazy Legs.


True or false: "Flashdance" received generally positive reviews from critics when it was released.

Roger Ebert didn't take favorably to the movie, and it's got a pretty bad rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


The "Flashdance" screenwriter paid a construction worker/dancer in Toronto named Maureen Marder for her life story. How much?

Screenwriter Tom Hedley claimed that he didn't use Marder's information, but she was paid $2,300 to sign over her life story.


In 2003, Maureen Marder unsuccessfully sued this singer over her "Flashdance"-inspired video.

Marder claimed that she was a copyright holder on the film and that Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Glad" video violated the copyright.


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